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The traditional, handmade pie is something of a British icon – it must be, in order to achieve the £1 billion in pie sales referenced by the Express newspaper on the 7th of March 2016. It is such an icon that it merits not just a day, but a whole British Pie Week in the spring of every year.

Writing in the middle of the 2016 British Pie Week, the online version of British Baker magazine also revealed that:

  • 75% of the population eats a pie of some sort at least once a month;
  • 79% of those customers are prepared to pay more for a traditional handmade pie.

There are significant regional differences too whilst only 8% of people in the south of the country eat more than 4 pies in a month, when you get to Northern Ireland that proportion rises to 33%.

There also seems to be a slight gender divide, with 37% of men surveyed expressing a preference for steak and kidney pies, whilst 27% of women said they would prefer to choose a somewhat lighter chicken and mushroom pie.

Buying pies online

The manufacture, sale, and consumption of the great British pie, in other words, is pretty big business.

It is a business that has received a further major boost from the customer’s ability to buy pies online.

In an age when practically every consumer has become accustomed to buying just about any product online, the growth of the market in online ordering of pies is perhaps to be expected.

The difference with freshly baked pies, however, is the extra care that needs to be taken when despatching any order that has been made online. To ensure that pies arrive fresh from the baker’s oven – and are in peak condition – most suppliers engage their own private courier service to deliver the products to customers’ doors.

By choosing just one day a week for such deliveries to be made, newly baked pies may be despatched straight to the courier, ready for delivery to the customer the following day. By using special, thermally insulated packaging, the chilled pies may be taken straight from their wrapping and put in the fridge until the moment before warming and eating – typically within a period of 4 days or so.

If you want to save them for later, the pies may just as easily be put in the freezer – to store for up to about six months – before taking them out, thoroughly defrosting them, and preparing to serve them.

Ordering pies online is made all the more attractive and appealing by those bakers who have a website that illustrates every type of pie they make with professionally taken photographs – photographs that are likely to set the mouth watering just at the sight of the pies. An accompanying text then typically describes the quality ingredients that go into making each pie, the traditional handmade methods used to craft them, and even some serving suggestions.

If you buy pies online, of course, any pie maker worth its salt is going to ensure that all payments you make are done in a safely and securely encrypted manner.

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