Divorce Effects On Children

You never know when a divorce is going to appear. This is something people rarely control. When children are involved in the divorce everything becomes more complicated. That is especially the case when referring to young children. According to both psychologists and every single experienced Tampa family law attorney out there, it is really important that the effects of divorce on children are properly understood. You basically have to consider children and deal with the divorce in different way as children are involved.

Problems Appear In The Pre-Divorce Phase

In most cases we see parents focused on the actual divorce. This is when children are taken into account. While this is definitely something necessary, even before the divorce starts the child can be affected. Children will demand attention. That attention is normally lost even before the divorce. You want to be sure that children understand what happens. If they think that they are the reason why marriage problems appear, it is obvious that something bad is going to happen, with children becoming secluded and feeling as if they are responsible for the eventual divorce.

Short Term Divorce Effects On Children

There are so many that can be mentioned. However, those that appear in most cases are aggression, sadness, depression, acting out, interpersonal conflicts, an increased dependency, negative sanctions, lower parental supervision, much lower academic achievements and social adjustment difficulty.

Long Term Divorce Effects On Children

What is really worrying is that the effects of divorce on children do not stop after the divorce is finalized. It is actually quite common to see that children have problems evolving and operating in society in the future because of the damage that was caused by the divorce. It is really important that children understand what happens and that parents are supportive. A failure to do this will not just cause short term effects. The life of the child can be irreparably affected when proper supervision and attention do not appear.

What Should You Do?

Helping children deal with divorce is not as easy as many think. The child does not really understand what happens. They will just see that parents are no longer together. Many end up feeling abandoned by one of the parent so resentment becomes normal.

The most important thing that you have to do as a parent that goes through a divorce is to remain open. You want to talk with the child and show as much love as possible. What is important for a child is to understand the fact that the divorce does not happen because of him/her. This is where communication is necessary. If the parents do not talk with the children, huge problems will appear.

On the whole, divorce affects different children in different ways. However, some effects are going to appear. It is always vital to manage the situation properly. Never blame the child for anything and be sure that you answer questions without putting blame on the other parent. It is so easy to blame someone for something bad that happened but it is not the child that should hear that.

How To Choose New Bathroom Faucets



bathroom faucet

It is easy to sometimes overlook bathroom faucets and see them as nothing more than an incidental detail.  However, their design can impact and set the tone for the whole room.  If you have not shopped for faucets for a few years, you are in for a shock when you see the vast array of styles, functions and finishes they are available in nowadays.

To help simplify the process of choosing faucets you should take three factors into consideration – the style, comfort , function and fit.

The Style

Are you just updating your old sink or are you completely remodelling with new furniture?  If you are looking to just updating your sink, you will have a more limited selection to choose from as you will have to choose faucets that fit in the existing holes.  If however, you are remodelling and renovating your bathroom completely you have more freedom.  It may be a good idea to work out all the furniture you want including the type of home toilets you would like, then find the sink and faucets that match in style.

The Function

If you are looking for fairly basic faucets, the kind that pour water and do nothing else, then you have a wide range to choose from. However, nowadays faucets have improved and the technology and designs involved mean that there are various extra functions available.  Hands-free for instance are very popular now and great if you want to conserve water and energy.

Before you visit a showroom or contact PlumbTile, think carefully about your current lifestyle and how much the new faucets will be used.  If you don’t think it will be used very much, a more aesthetically pleasing, less functional facet would suit, whereas if you have children and/or a large household of people, you will want something robust.

The Fit

Although the above two factors are hugely dependant on your own preference, the fit is the more technical part of everything and is especially important  to pay attention to if you are replacing faucets on a existing sink.


Along with the three main factors outlined above, you need to also consider your available budget.  Have a figure in your head that you know you can afford to spend, but know that in order to get the precise look and functionality you want, you may have to compromise in some way.  For instance, in order to get the type of faucets you want with the functionality you want, you may have to opt for the less expensive material or finish.

It doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it first feels when you are looking for bathroom faucets.  As long as you keep in mind the above considerations and do as much research as you possibly can, understanding the differences in styles, functions and fits, before locking in and deciding to buy something, you will have a much more rewarding and enjoyable time shopping for faucets.

Difference between using an online estate agent against a traditional


When you sell your house, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best value for money possible. Traditional estate agents have been around for a long time, but they can take advantage of this fact in order to squeeze more out of you. Alternatively, opting for an online estate agent makes everything a lot clearer and simpler, and will leave you with a bit more cash in your pocket at the end of the process.

High street estate agents typically charge an additional fee once your sale has been completed- usually around 1.6% of the price you’ve sold at. This means that you’ll be more out of pocket the more your property is worth. They will also typically charge you extra for things such as property assessments and valuations, so you’re being forced to pay up before your house is even put on the market. On the other hand, we only charge a single fee of £595 for the entire selling process, so you can rest assured that everything is settled before we begin. We won’t charge you a penny for assessing your house, as it all comes as standard, and we’ll even produce floor plans for your property.

Selling with a traditional estate agent also limits the number of potential buyers who will see your property for sale. Many of them are tied in with OnTheMarket, meaning they aren’t allowed to advertise your property on other popular portals such as Zoopla or Rightmove. On the other hand, we don’t face any such restrictions, and are therefore free to post your property on all of the sites where it will get seen the most. The more sites your property is on, the more likely the right buyer will come along sooner.

Traditional agents are also stuck in the model of showing potential buyers around properties themselves. While they might have picked up a few techniques for persuading people, they often won’t have the necessary local knowledge needed to answer buyers’ questions- and that could mean losing out on a sale. We, however, believe that you are the best person to show people around your own property- and research has backed that up. People feel more comfortable viewing a property if the owner is present, and it allows you to show them the human side of the house which could be the key to making a sale

.Lastly, one of the most common tactics which traditional agents use to sell properties can actually put people off. Their usual tactic is to start a bidding war in order to make themselves more money on commission, but all this does in the long run is put off people who might have bought there and then, but think they won’t be able to afford it. Selling online eliminates this problem, and will help to sell your property sooner. We are proud to say that we achieve an average selling price of 99% of our customers’ ideal amount- that’s a whole 3% more than the industry average. By selling with us, not only will you be saving yourself money, but you’ll be making more in the first place than if you’d gone with a traditional agent.


Signs You Need Furnace Repairs


When temperatures start to fall in the evening, it is only natural to turn up the heat. There are many homeowners who use a furnace for heating their home, but when it system breaks down, it can be quite stressful and frustrating.

The good news is that there are a number of warning signs that will let you know there may be an issue brewing that will require furnace repair in Calgary. Some tips that will let you know when it is time to seek furnace repair are highlighted here.

Turning the Thermostat Up No Longer Works

Are there some rooms in your home that seem too hot while others are too cold? When your home is cold, you simply need to turn the heat up a few notches on the thermostat. However, if it gets to the point where you have to constantly adjust the thermostat to make the home comfortable, the entire unit may be faulty, or there may be leaking ducts. Calling on the professionals will be the only way to know for sure.

There are Strange Sounds Coming from the Furnace

There is no furnace in existence that is going to be completely quite all the time. However, if an old furnace begins to make strange, loud or unusual sounds, this may be an indication that repairs are needed. If you being to hear noises such as squealing, rattling, popping or banging, then it is a clear sign that repairs are needed. This issue could be a loose belt, malfunctioning component or an ignition issue. It may also be a sign that the entire furnace needs to be replaced.

The Electric Bill is Higher than Normal

In many cases, furnaces lose their efficiency as they get older, especially if they are not being properly maintained. This may result in the furnace not being able to produce the same amount of heat. This is a main reason that higher than usual electric bills are seen, which may be caused by a number of different issues. It is a good idea to call on a professional for service, instead of attempting to handle the repairs on your own.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Another sign that it may be time for repairs for your furnace is if there is an increase in breathing issues such as sinus problems and asthma or issues such as frequent headaches and eye irritation. This may be the result of the furnace blowing out mold, dust or other types of irritants in the air that is being circulated in your home.

Taking not of the signs of an issue will allow you to call Clear View Plumbing in a timely manner. This will ensure the repairs are completed and no further issues are seen.

Solar Panels for Your Family’s Roof

House 46

According to Wade Architectural Systems (www.wadearch.com), solar panels are a great investment that can not only make your home more sustainable, they can also save money and energy over the long run. While solar technologies are often thought of as outside a typical family price range, competition between Asian and American solar manufacturers have cut prices nearly in half over the past few years, making it more affordable than ever to bring the advantages of solar technology to your home. Between available tax incentives as well as the possibility of putting money in your pocket by selling your power back to the local power authority, solar energy can become affordable and even profitable for your home.

How Home Solar Panel Systems Work

While there is a wide variety of different setups that can be used for solar paneling system, or PV- photovoltaic system, all of them operate on the same basic principles. The first part of the system to consider is the solar panel itself. Depending on the size, it is mounted so that it can “catch” sunlight. The solar cell within the panel converts the solar energy from the sunlight into DC current. From there, the energy current travels to an inverter. The inverter transforms it into AC current, at which point the energy is usable for electrical devices in your home.

Micro-Inverters or Central Inverters?

When most people think about solar, they think in terms of a single central inverter which converts the current to AC. Central inverters collect all of the energy from all of the solar cells available in a set-up, and then they transfer the AC downward. Recently, however, micro-inverters have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons, such as overall efficiency. If one solar cell is malfunctioning for some reason, then a central inverter will become slowed down with energy transmission overall. By contrast, micro-inverters are generally installed per solar panel, meaning if one malfunctions, it can be more easily fixed, and that overall drag on the energy system will be reduced. Because of solar energy being distributed through multiple converters as opposed to a single one, micro-inverters last longer and reduce the risk of safety threats. That said, because the energy is being split, more is lost by using multiple end points. The end result is that micro-inverters can be slightly more costly per kW than a central inverter, but in many cases, the benefits outweigh the slight uptick in energy cost.

Energy Management

Depending on whether you are using a central inverter system or have set up with micro-inverters, how you deal with energy output in your home can vary. Micro-inverters are most commonly used to connect a PV system to the electrical grid, which then transfers it back to the power company so that the customer can be reimbursed.  By contrast, central inverter systems are more common when one wishes to draw energy directly off the panels (an off-grid setup) or both use their own power and sell off the excess (a mixed use setup).  How you choose to handle that energy is something that should be decided after reviewing your local power company’s policies on solar-generated power. If it’s not cost-effective to sell that power to the company and you decide to keep that power yourself, a battery system should be in place to hold excess power. By figuring out which setup makes the most sense for your home, you can harness the power of the sun to make your home energy sustainable.

This article was contributed on behalf of Wade Architectural Systems. We specialize in Architectural design so you can focus on enjoying your home!

5 Companies You Need To Help You Improve Your Home


When improving your home, you need all the help you can get, so finding companies that offer great services and products is a god send.

So, we have listed some companies that offer beautiful products and can give you that design inspiration you are after.


When it comes to improving your bathroom, you want a stylish product, that is built to last and isn’t too expensive – easier said than done. But, Soakology are a company that can offer beautiful bathroom furniture, well-designed and crafted and at a snip compared to some other big players in the bathroom market.

They also have a ‘How-To’ section on their website so you can get every bathroom task done quickly and effectively.

To see their products, visit: https://www.soakology.co.uk/

Spanish Sewing Bee

Over the last few years, handmade items are becoming more sought after and that’s why the Spanish Sewing Bee is one of our top picks. There is something extra special about hand-crafted items and they look expensive, unique and long-lasting.

At the Spanish Sewing Bee, you can arrange any custom-built item for your home. For example, perhaps you have an idea for a pair of curtains but you can’t find the right ones in the store, or you have an old chair that needs upholstering, well you can get it all from the Spanish Sewing Bee.

To see what services she offers, visit: http://www.spanishsewingbee.com/

Garden Requisites

During the summer months, there is nothing better than sitting in the sunshine in your garden. So, in the build-up to summer it is a good time to give your garden a little makeover and add some classy, well-made furniture. At Garden Requisites you can get anything from door canopies through to trellis and even metal planters.

Hand-made in steel, these rustic items are the perfect addition to any garden and can completely transform how your garden looks.

Their products can be found here: http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/

Collinson Tiles

From bathroom floor tiles through to kitchen wall tiles, Collinson Tiles are a company that stock a shed load of different tiles in different materials shapes and sizes which means you can completely enhance your home. Floor tiles and wall tiles are so durable that they outlast any other type of flooring, and add another dimension compared to paint.

They also have a useful tool on their website which helps you to find the perfect tile for your home. All you need to do is fill in a form and then the clever tool finds the tiles which match your brief.

To view their selection of tiles, visit: http://www.collinsontiles.co.uk/

Love Salvage

Retro or reclaimed furniture has been in fashion for a while now and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere fast. Love Salvage have a whole host of upcycled that can add a bit of vintage to your home.

From rustic wooden crates through to old-skool rocking chairs, Love Salvage create and sell some beautiful household items to make your interior stand out from the crowd.

To see their selection of products, visit: http://www.lovesalvage.com/



Family Household Plumbing Problems

Bathroom4Plumbing issues don’t have to cause exorbitant damages and water issues. With some preventative measures in place and quick reaction time to emergencies, you can resolve your own plumbing issues until help arrives. Be sure to keep your plumbing contractor’s contact information handy for times of crisis.

Some common household plumbing conundrums include the following issues:

A Clogged Drain

Probably the most common quick plumbing fixes have to do with unclogging a stubborn drain. The best way to avoid these issues is to be vigilant about what goes down the drain. Keep drains covered with traps to prevent items from falling into the sink and causing stubborn clogs that require dismantling of the line. Also, try snaking out a clogged pipe before using harsh chemical agents. These can erode the walls of your pipes, while also posing the risk of burning your skin or eyes.

When drains are sluggish, try pouring boiling water down the sink to melt any residue that could be slowing the drain. Also, create a concoction of white vinegar and baking soda for when clogs prevent drains from doing their jobs. This is far safer than the expensive de-clogging chemicals that you may buy.

A Toilet That Wont Flush

The most common issue when the toilet won’t flush is the ball-chain inside your tank. If the chain cannot be reconnected to the ball, consider investing in a simple toilet repair kit from any local hardware dealer. These are a great item to keep on hand in case of a toilet emergency, too.

Leaky Faucets

Water coming in around the tap or faucet handles can be a problem; if not resolved, the water can seep down under your sink, and potentially cause water damage to the cabinetry or flooring of the home. Tightening the washer around the faucet fixture may resolve the problem, but it is possible that the entire tap needs replacing. Grab a wrench and try to tighten the washer; if this doesn’t work, call your plumber.

Frozen Pipes

Avoid the risk of burst pipes by slowly thawing frozen lines with a hair dryer. Never use a torch or flame to thaw them out; this may also cause them to break. Insulate any exposed pipes with towels, bedding, and even old clothing, to give them an added bit of insulation when weather is cold or during winter seasons. Shut off the water supply, and start thawing!

Burst Pipes

When trying to thaw pipes, it is possible to do serious damage and possibly break a line or pipe. If your pipes burst or spring a leak, the first thing to do is shut off the water supply. Locating the water main and keeping a wrench nearby that fits the fixture is an essential preventative measure that every homeowner should implement. Other pipe hazards that can cause a leak include frequent use of harsh chemical agents in your plumbing lines; in these instances, shut off the water to curb potential water damage and call a plumber.

No Water Pressure

When water pressure wanes, it could be a sign of many underlying issues. When this is your experience, it makes most sense to contact your regular plumbing professional to have the matter looked at further. A wise move might be to shut off the main valve to discontinue the water supply until a plumbing contractor evaluates it. This will also reduce the potential for damage in the event that water is escaping and leaking from the plumbing line, curbing possible property damage.

While the best approach to plumbing issues is usually to contact a plumbing professional, use these tips to temporarily resolve the issue and curb any further damage that could be caused. Keeping a few plumbing tools on hand, such as a wrench, a plumbing snake, and a toilet kit, is a great strategy to maintain plumbing systems and provide quick fixes to these common issues.

Your Family and Saving Money on Electricity

Family 31Saving money on electricity doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. Just cutting back a little here or there can make all the difference in that monthly or yearly bill. Reducing your energy consumption by turning down the thermostat this winter or sealing off rooms you don’t use can put a little more money in your wallet. Check out these tips to saving your family money on electricity.

Get a White Roof

Sunny locales like Texas can benefit from having white roofs, which can use up to 40 percent less energy for cooling than black roofs do, translating to a possible yearly savings of $120, according to Bankrate. This involves applying a white, elastomeric coating that offers a durable, flexible, and waterproof layer to increase the longevity of your roof and provide energy efficient benefits.

Turn off the Lights

Phantom energy can drain your electric bill in small ways that can really add up later. Turning all electronic devices off before going to bed or away on vacation will help, but don’t forget about the biggest energy suckers–light bulbs. Just one compact fluorescent bulb can cost you $9 a year if you let it run all night. Compare this to a standard bulb at $21 per year. Even a large ceiling fan set to high can cost you upwards of $35 per year. Ouch!

Turn that Thermostat Down

In the winter, it can get a little chilly and you may be tempted to turn on the heat. You can save between one and three percent on your heating costs for every one degree you set your thermostat back, according to US News and World Report. You can also speak with a professional team like Alek Air to have them inspect your homes HVAC unit.

Use Drapes to Your Advantages

Using blinds, drapes, and curtains to your advantage can help you save a little bit. The sun will warm your home naturally, so help that process along by opening up the blinds and welcoming in the heat during the day. Come nightfall, shut them all tight to seal in that warmth. Do the reverse in the summer.

Lower the Water Heater Setting

Your water heater likely comes with a default setting of 140° F for optimal comfort, but if you set it a little lower, at 120° F, you can save on electricity and probably won’t notice a huge difference in the shower.

Seal off Rooms Not in Use

According to Tara Energy, a company that has affordable options, shut the doors to all craft rooms, spare rooms, and finished basements if you’re not using them. This will save on heating and cooling costs because you’re not paying to heat and cool them. While you’re at it, close off all the vents to those rooms. No need to heat and cool the entire house when you’re not using all of it.

Seal off Air Leaks

Air leaks are a big cause of lost energy, so seal those leaks that could be occurring around electrical outlets, switch plates, baseboards, vents, fans, phone lines, fireplace dampers, and window air conditioners.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

The next time you’re in the market for a major appliance, look for the Energy Star seal. Nothing wastes electricity more than large, old appliances. Work with your energy provider to learn more ways you can save on your electricity provider. If you need to find a flexible energy provider, consider Tara Energy for your utility needs.

Common Roofing Problems

House 11How is the integrity of your roofing system? In fact, do you recall the last time you thought to check your roof for underlying issues? If you can’t recall the last time, or are uncertain of the condition of your roofing system, you’re not alone. Most property owners don’t pay attention to their roof until something goes terribly wrong. While roofs are manufactured with the intentions of lasting for several decades, failure to properly maintain the roof could cause issues that you weren’t even aware of. What’s the best solution? Educating yourself on common roof issues and being aware of when something isn’t right can save you a lot of money and stress.

Wind and Structural Damage

High winds can be very detrimental to the integrity of a roof. When winds reach high speeds, they can wreak havoc on roofing materials and even blow the materials straight off without warning. It can occur to a particular section of your roof or the side of your roof that is most exposed to the wind. As a result, it depletes the amount of protection your roof can provide to your home, causing issues such as leaking and the potential for mold growth down the line. Simply inspecting your roof after a storm can determine whether there has been significant damage which needs to be reported to a roofing contractor like ABC Roofing for immediate repairs

Missing or Damaged Shingles

The shingles on your roof are not there just for decoration. They also aid in helping to protect the home from weather such as rain, wind, and snow. Because the shingles are exposed on a regular basis, they eventually give way and become worn down. As the shingles become worn, they will often cup or curl up and become brittle in texture. While you might ignore this issue because there are only a few shingles that look worn, they can lead way to leaks when wet weather returns. Annual roofing inspections can detect areas of the roof that are damaged and need to be replaced.

Roof Leaks

Roofing leaks can often be difficult to detect unless it is a massive hole as a result of storm damage. Leaks can start in areas that the homeowner does not see. Water begins seeping through areas in which the roof is damaged and eventually makes its way to other areas of the home. Typically, by the time the homeowner becomes aware that there is a roofing leak, the damage is pretty significant. As stated above, annual inspections can help to minimize the chances of roof leaks. A roofer can inspect all areas of the roof to ensure that it is structurally sound before the wet weather does more damage.

Gutter and Downspout Damage

According to Braun’s Roofing, a provider of quality roof repair in Houston, your roof is not designed to withstand large amounts of water for long periods of time. That’s where rain gutters and downspouts come into play. Gutters catch the roof runoff allowing for rainwater and melted snow to easily be transported off property grounds and into the sewer system. When the gutters are damaged or improperly maintained, they will not catch the runoff. Puddles then accumulate which can cause foundational issues and other structural damage to your home.

As common as these roofing issues are, there are things that you as a homeowner can do to prevent them. Keeping up with roofing maintenance with a maintenance contract that will include services such as cleaning the gutters and inspecting for damaged roofing materials can prevent issues such as leaks and gutter damage. Also, scheduling a roof inspection at least once per year is ideal to ensure that your home is safe and structurally sound.

This article was contributed on behalf of Braun’s Roofing, your number one choice when looking for roof repair services. Check out their website at www.roofrepairsinhouston.com

Maintaining your Sidings

Home Improvement 2It can be quite disconcerting to spend a lot of money on your siding – whether wood, vinyl or some other material – only to have it start streaking not too long afterwards. Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your siding, it’s prone to effects from Mother Nature. There are some things you can do to maintain your siding, though, and clean up the streaking that may be ruining the look of your beautiful home. 

Stains and Where They Come From

Quite often, you can tell how a stain originated just by looking at the color. Brown streaks can be indicative of rusting nails, oil residue from wood and even ice dams from the cold winter months, while black stains are the result of the formation of fungus like mold, algae, or sometimes the buildup of soot from your chimney. Green means moss is overtaking your siding and yellowing can occur when the insulation is starting to deteriorate. When your gutter system is not doing its job, you’ll often see water-colored stains, so always check your gutter for obstructions and proper installation.


Often times, getting rid of these stains calls for a simple pressure or power wash of the home. This is especially good for vinyl-sided homes, but may not be best for wood or other types of siding. The last thing you want to do is damage the siding in any way, so always consult with a professional before doing this. If you’re looking for spot treatments on vinyl siding, for instance, mix up a solution of 70 percent water and 30 percent white vinegar to remove light mold and mildew stains, recommends Bob Vila. If you’ve got cedar wood that’s experiencing staining from water, use a mild detergent and warm water to remove them. However, you’ll need to get at the root cause of the moisture problem, which could be pooling behind the siding. Hiring a professional to troubleshoot this task ensures you find the cause of the problem and address it so you won’t experience streaking again. House Logic says if you’ve got fiber cement siding, it’s easy to clean with a soft bristled brush and a mixture of warm water and a 1/2 cup trisodium phosphate, which you can easily pick up at your local hardware or home improvement store. It’s durable enough to do the job yet gentle enough so it won’t harm your siding. Fiber cement siding is known for its durability, versatility, low maintenance and affordability, thanks to its unique blend of wood pulp and Portland cement, according to This Old House. It’s not only resistant to rot and moisture, it’s termite proof and can handle anything Mother Nature throws at it. Choosing Hardi Plank siding is a good bet when considering which type of siding to get for your house in the first place.

Protecting Your Investment

Cleaning your siding regularly is certainly a great way to keep up with its stellar appearance. After all, when you let the dirt and grime build up over time, it gets harder to scrub off, says the Farmer’s Almanac. Cleaning aside, you also need to regularly inspect your siding for damage so you can fix it right away before it becomes a bigger problem. Wood siding, in particular, will deteriorate if you don’t properly maintain it, especially at joints, knot holes or damage points, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Look for dents, cracks or warping in your siding, and remove bird droppings, insects, spider webs and pollen as they happen to avoid an eyesore. If you see staining due to fertilizers, herbicides, caulking, sealant, paint or tar, remove it immediately. Structural damage should be addressed as soon as possible, which is why it’s important to conduct yearly inspections.

This article was contributed on behalf of Home Exterior Systems, your number one choice when looking for suppliers of Hardie siding in Houston. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!