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Family fun days

The school holidays are a great time of the year for families to reconnect and create some memories, but they can also prove to be a challenge in deciding what activities to undertake, especially if the weather and cost are factors. With winter well and truly on the horizon, it’s wise to plan ahead with a mixture of in and outdoor fun days that will keep your kids entertained and your sanity in check. With that in mind here are my top three tips for keeping your little ones happy.

Rainy days

Aside from board games and other play activities, a useful option to consider is new DVD releases, for guaranteed entertainment and some well-earned rest time for parents. Perfect for inducing nap time, and keeping them out of mischief for an hour or two!


Head to the park if the weather permits, not only is this day out completely cost-free it provides hours of fun entertainment for boisterous nippers. Physical exercise and interaction with other children is also key component in a child’s development. If you’re uncertain about where your nearest Park is, check out your local government’s website which will provide a full listing of places nearest to your home. You may also find park club listings, where like-minded parents arrange play dates and times for group outings.

Lego & Board games

Lego is a great tool that is not only fun for kids but helps them understand shapes, angles, hand-eye coordination, and practical skills. Board games also encourage sharing and help develop mental understanding.

Whichever choice you got for, these three ideas prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your kids challenged, entertained, and happy during the upcoming holidays.

Do you have any tips that I have missed?

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