Reasons why someone may not wear a wedding ring

Not wearing a wedding ring can be controversial. Men do it often and they can cite reasons such as not wanting to wear one because of the work they have to do. If you work in certain environments this kind of makes sense. Other men don’t wear one because they simply don’t want to wear one. There are various reasons for people not wearing this most sacred of bands. In this article, we will look at a couple of them and see how they measure up.

One main reason why people may not wear their wedding ring is that they simply dislike having anything on their fingers. This is quite a valid reason when you think about it. It doesn’t make it nice for some people, but it is pretty valid. There is something about having something on our fingers that can feel a little restrictive, so we can see why some people simply can’t tolerate it. Delivering their part of the holy vows is one thing, but then placing a ring on their finger that they have to wear all the time could well feel like another matter entirely. It is a common reason and one that cannot be ignored. It happens to be the reason why many men, apparently, don’t like wearing rings on their fingers.

On a more personal level, some people reject wedding rings because of their own hang-ups. This is quite common too. A woman may not want to wear a wedding ring because she feels it controls her. And again, this is quite understandable to an extent. This level of control is something that she is not happy with so it feels wrong to her to have to wear a ring all the time. The same can go for men too. The whole thing can be tied down to an incident or a belief that is grounded in the past and is something that his or her partner may not be able to influence. It has nothing to do with the love that the person feels and probably has a lot more to do with the simple, subjective worry of being controlled.

Some wedding ring wearers who suddenly realize they cannot wear one anymore cite the fact that they are actually allergic to the metal the ring contains. This leaves them with a rash or blisters for example. These people want to wear a ring but cannot wear metal. The most common outcome here is that they arrange for a wooden ring to be worn, or something similar that is not metal.

There are obvious benefits to having a wedding ring as a symbol of your undying love for the person you have married. But there are a few people here and there who simply cannot wear one. It’s an interesting thing, and if you’re in the process of looking for wedding rings in Houston, consider asking your partner about wearing a ring, and ensuring that you get the right arrangement for your marriage.

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