The Most Popular Family Pets

Pets are not only great companions for single or disabled people, but they are also wonderful additions to families. It is important when looking for a family pet that you research the best fit for your family and the lifestyle you lead.

Some pets will do fine with a minimum of attention whilst others will need more one on one care. For example, when looking at Florida Puppies Online you want to make sure you choose a breed that your family will enjoy and one that will fit into the family’s schedule nicely. Following is some information on four great family pets.

1) The Trusted House Cat

The term trusted house cat was not coined by accident. Cats are lovely pets for busy families. Most cats, aside from your rare exception to the rule, will house-train themselves. This makes them number one when it comes to family pets. The reason for this is that it is unusual to hear about a cat developing separation anxiety when its people have left for the day. Cats are by nature very independent, so if you’re looking for an animal you can leave to its own devices for lengthy times, the cat is a favorite.

2) Reptilian Brain Anyone?

Before you balk, reptiles are great pets for some people. If you’re reading this and scrunching your nose in disgust, you may want to move on as you are probably not going to be the top choice for the reptile either! However, if there was a glimmer of possibility when you pondered having a reptile then consider owning a starter lizard or turtle. Reptiles range from very easy to care for to quite complicated so finding the right one if it’s your first is important. Look at some lower-maintenance iguanas or aquatic turtles, to begin with.

3) Rodents to Go

Rats! Yes, we’re talking about rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, Guinea pigs, and anything else you might consider a rodent. What makes these so attractive as family pets? Well, like the cat a rodent will require very little in the attention department. Typically, a rodent will be kept in a glass cage with exercise wheels and self-feeding water bottles so mainly all the owners are responsible for is cleaning the cage and making sure the animal has water.

4) It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

Pay no attention to the order of the pets listed here. Some may say we’ve saved the best for last. However, it takes a very dedicated and special family to own a puppy responsibly. This is because of all the pets a person may take home, whether as a new puppy or an adoptee from a shelter, owning a dog by far comes with the most duties. Dogs, especially small breeds like Morkies require a lot of attention in terms of house training, crate training, and overall etiquette. Before bringing a dog home consider well if you are willing to take on a commitment of that magnitude.

The most important thing for anyone thinking about owning a pet is to consider how much time the family can devote to the animal. If someone will be home most of the time then a dog is a fine choice, but in cases where everyone is at work or school for the larger part of the day a low-maintenance, self-sufficient pet is probably best.

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