Top Home Comforts you can’t live without

There are particular objects, foodstuffs, clothes, books, and music that you can’t live without. This is mainly because they remind you of home, where you feel safe and nurtured.

Some ex-pats dream of marmite, students fantasize about home cooking and toddlers crave their favorite toy or teddy when entering childcare for the first time – it all depends on what is unique to you.

Why do we all love home comforts?

Whatever your age, there’s bound to be a book or piece of music that symbolizes comfort and home. You might even feel that you can’t face life without your precious animal print onesie.

Many students attend college equipped with a pukka coffee machine as they want to replicate the beverage that they enjoyed at home. Even those thinking of downsizing to retirement homes are likely to take some familiar objects with them –a luxury bed, favorite armchair, or family portrait.

Home comforts don’t have to be luxurious

Log fires are simple creations, yet the number of people who state they love the smell of wood smoke as it’s so evocative of the home is enormous. In an article in The Express, the writer Lynda La Plante states that she can’t do without her cockapoo, Max. She also states that she adores log fires:

“You can’t beat the spectacle of real flames, especially if it’s snowing and the fire is cracking away. It’s a simple thing but it does make me very happy.”

Going overseas can highlight the comforts of home

As much as a holiday can be great fun, if you’re constantly traveling and staying in exotic locations then you may find that you miss the simple things in life – like a decent cuppa!

Many Brits complain that one of the things they really miss on their holidays is a good cup of tea and according to The Daily Mail, 50% of Brits take their precious teabags on holiday with them!

Crisp cotton sheets are another vital home comfort and the value of effective sanitation is also recognized – we take our contemporary bathrooms for granted but when you have to go to the lavatory and find you are just one of many using the facility, you’ll soon be yearning for a full flush cistern. Even a jar of brown sauce made it into the luggage of 10% of men, proving that home comforts really are individual to each person.

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