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Why All Parents Should Go Glamping?

If you are looking for a money-saving way to enjoy a family holiday together, you may be considering a camping trip in the great outdoors and you should head over here (For mike, so you can link to the camping post when it’s done). However, if you have ever been on a family camping holiday or have heard the horror stories of your friends and relatives, you will know that they do not always turn out to be as much fun as you hoped and dreamed.

Camping has always been great as a money-saving holiday idea for families with young children.  Even if you have no experience of it yourself, you will know someone who was in your class at school who had the horror/great stories of camping with their family.

One of the major problems people seem to have with camping is because there is so much gear that you need to ensure you have, that you then need to remember to pack and in some reasonable order so that when you get there you can pitch the tent up as soon as possible; a great family camping holiday can quickly turn to the worst idea if you are missing tent pegs or a gas canister or the weather is not on your side.  And let’s face it and be honest, quite often British weather is not on our side.

Kids don’t see it that way, they think it’s a brilliant old time, but for us adults, it is anything but brilliant.  Just when you thought it was OK to stick to the B&Bs and hotels; over the last decade or so, a different type of camping has become increasingly popular – glamping!

Glamping is a great way to get out in the countryside and reconnect with nature, just like camping, but with the added bonus of a touch of glamour and luxury.  Hence the name glamping is one part glamorous and the other part camping!  Clever isn’t it?

Camping-style accommodation with hotel-style facilities would be another way to describe it.

We bet you’re interested now aren’t you?

The first major difference between traditional camping and modern glamping though is in the type of accommodation.  Not all tents are created as equals and glamping bell, tepee and wigwam tents are only structurally and principally the same as the canvas 5-man tent you bought from the outdoor store.

For starters, the tenting materials are not as thin, particularly if you go to an actual glamping campsite and hire one there.  Furthermore, and it does depend on how luxurious you want your glamping experience to be, the tents at glamping sites are considerably more spacious than the average 5-berth model.  Not only does that mean you, your family, the family dog, and a bunch of sleeping bags will be able to fit in the tent; but, many also have accessories and furniture such as armchairs, benches, tables, chairs, electricity, and even underfloor heating!

This is part of the reason why many people are heading to a glamping site rather than a swanky inner city or countryside hotel because the accommodation at the glamping site is as high-end in quality as the alternatives but without the hefty price tag.

We haven’t even mentioned the amenities and facilities offered at glamping sites.  Gone are the badly maintained shower, or sink with a shower attachment and no electricity hook-up so you have to use your car’s battery sparingly.  At glamping sites, you will often find, depending on how basic or luxurious they are, at the very least hot and cold water and showers, cooking facilities, entertainment for all the family, and possibly even seating areas.

Like many traditional campsites, glamping sites are normally pet-friendly meaning that your dog doesn’t need to stay in an expensive kennel while you head out into the wilderness!

By going glamping you can enjoy a stress-free and relaxing getaway that still encourages you and your kids to reconnect with nature and enjoy the simpler things in life!

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