Winging your way over to West Sussex

Choosing a home is a difficult task at the best of times – having a child to consider creates further difficulties. It is important to choose a house where your child can feel at home and will want to explore. With choosing a new house, you also need to choose a new neighbourhood – one you would like your child to grow up in.

There are many new homes in the UK that provide all the advantages of 21st-century living, with ultra-modern designs and technical specifications; triple-glazed windows, glass and vinyl bathrooms, stainless steel kitchens and energy-efficient lighting. As a parent, you’ll recognise how important those things are to giving your child the best possible environment to grow up in.

New developments for sale in West Sussex combine those modern elements with the charm of yesteryear; comfortable, cosy living quarters and a deceptively luxurious interior.

New builds located in West Sussex are proving to be very popular choices for young couples wishing to start their family in the best possible environment. Some are located in the 85-acre Grayling Park; a mere mile from the centre of the bustling market town of Chichester. Others are slap bang in the middle of the idyllic greenery that lies between the quaint rural villages of Felbridge and Crawley Down, bringing all the beauty of countryside life with the added benefit of close proximity to the town of East Grinstead.

These homes also have the benefit of being situated close to some of the most beautiful countryside in the South of England, more commonly known as ‘the South Downs’; providing picturesque views in a thoroughly idyllic setting. West Sussex also boasts a long stretch of coastline from Shoreham-by-Sea all the way up to West Wittering; two place names that could not be more English if they tried! It is this coastline that gives the county it’s a wonderful feeling of openness and space (not to mention some superb fish and chips!).

Choosing where to start your family is a very important choice. You have to consider the person you’ll want your child to become; someone kind, considerate, thoughtful, intelligent and motivated. The environment you raise them in will help to determine that. Instead of the congestion of the inner city, why not head out to the lush green countryside of West Sussex and see for yourself?

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