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10 Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Amazing

The bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house, and one that your visitors will also make use of. How do you make your bathrooms amazing? Here’s some great ideas that we have come up with!

Go Modern – ultra-modern bathrooms are in right now, with chrome and other exotic finishes being the order of the day. Seek out sleek and stylish units for the best effect, and they don’t have to be that expensive either. It’s a look that is timeless, too.

His and Hers – this is a clever idea for if you want to add a touch of style, and make things more convenient. Why not install his and hers basins and wash-stations, and utilise the space in the bathroom as best you can?

Update the Tiling – you may not realise how much of a difference a fully tiled bathroom makes. Take your time to pick a pair of contrasting colours and have three walls tiled, for example, and you will find it gives the room a very stylish look and it’s also affordable.

Dress the Windows – it’s all too easy to simply hang blinds at your bathroom windows, but what about looking around for a different arrangement? Curtains are not necessarily the first choice for bathrooms, but they can look good when chosen carefully.

Custom Glass – the great thing about glass is that it can be used in many different ways. For example, checkout the custom glass showers and doors that Oak Mountain Glass of Birmingham can provide. They will work with you to give you what you need and want, and their prices are very sensible.

New Floor – what do you have on the bathroom floor right now? Probably some lino or plastic tiles? What about proper stone tiling? You can buy many different types and colours and they really look the part. This is also a way of getting a hard-wearing floor in your bathroom, and at far less expense than you might believe.

Plan the Lighting – lighting is an important part of your bathroom design as you’re going to use it often in poor light. There are some truly beautiful bathroom light fittings that you can use these days to give the room a nice fresh and modern look, with warm lighting.

Heating – here’s something to think about: how warm is your bathroom? You probably have it heated as part of your central heating system, but what about adding a heated towel rail? These can be a very welcome addition to a bathroom, and are very practical too.

Sound – a sound system in the bathroom? Why not? In fact, you can buy some fitted shower units with a radio built in, and there are plenty of other options!

Matching Sets – finally, don’t forget the matching towel and bath-mat sets. They are very neat and affordable, and make for the final touch in a stylish bathroom.

That’s ten ideas for an amazing bathroom that we hope have inspired you to give yours a welcome make-over!

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