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5 Fun & Safe Online Games for Kids



Are you looking for fun games that are also safe for children to play?

These 5 games for kids are sure to keep the little ones entertained while they play and develop their skills.

Plus, they’re all free!

1) Cute Puppy Care

Concerned that your children don’t know how to take care of a pet? Well, start them off with this sweet game where they can learn how to care for a puppy!

From bathing to feeding and playing, children need to take care of their adopted puppy in this interactive game.

The game leads them step by step and the challenges are fun while remaining easy for toddlers to complete.

2) Coloring Book: Animals

This coloring book game offers an easy and fun way for children to paint cute drawings of animals.

It’s also a great way to improve hand-eye coordination as they use the mouse to color on the page.

Parents can feel confident that their child is playing in a game with fully safe content.

3) Woobies

Woobies is a popular game that is suitable for both children and adults.

Match 3 or more Woobies so they disappear, until you have popped all the Woobies on the screen.

There are 3 challenge levels: easy, medium or hard, so it can be fun for anyone playing.

The challenge is in popping all the Woobies before you run out of Woobies to throw.

4) Connect 4

If like many of today’s adults, you played Connect 4 as a kid, then you know just how fun the challenge can be.

In similar fashion to Tic-Tac-Toe, a player must have 4 coins of the same color in the same line – either vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

But the other player, or in this case the computer, will block your attempts to connect 4 coins.

It’s a challenging but fun game for kids, and a great way to develop their problem solving skills.

5) UNO

Uno is one of the best games ever created and it offers children the opportunity to play online in a safe environment.

Play against the computer and beat them with your cards. It’s a combination of lady luck and strategy.

UNO is a fast-paced card game combining numbers and colors, and fun no matter the age of players.

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