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Choosing The Perfect Flooring Option For Your Baby’s Nursery

If you are expecting the birth of a child, then you must also be planning the appearance and contents of your baby’s nursery. While planning a nursery, most people concentrate on the contents and furnishings of the nursery like the wallpaper, the paints, the crib, the fixtures, etc. One aspect of the room that is extremely important largely stays ignored and forgotten. This aspect is the flooring of your baby’s nursery. The right choice in flooring material can make life infinitely easier for new parents. Some of the obvious considerations that you should make are the appearance, ease of cleaning, durability and health effects of the materials used. Here are some of the flooring options that you can consider.

1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the obvious and best choices when it comes to a baby’s nursery. Hardwood is extremely strong, durable and easy to clean as well. Holmes Flooring suggests tile or hardwood as a good option to keep down on dust and other allergies in your home. Apart from its immense durability, one of the premium advantages of using hardwood is that it repels contaminants, chemicals and allergens. That is why it can be a very safe place for your wee one to crawl, play and have playdates. However, you should furnish your nursery with a fluffy area rug when the baby starts to crawl and walk as hardwood can cause bruising.

2. Cork:

Cork is an excellent choice for a baby nursery because it is lightweight, inexpensive and antimicrobial. As it is so lightweight, it provides your little one for a softer and warmer place to play and crawl on. Also, cork is anti-allergenic, so your little one will not have to suffer because of breathing problems as well. Cork is also an eco-friendly option and can be one of the ways your family does its bit to combat global warming. Cork farming is a highly sustainable practice and organic cork also doesn’t contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can be really detrimental to a child’s growth and health.

3. Bamboo:

Another popular and eco-friendly choice of baby nursery flooring is bamboo. Bamboo is also lightweight and inexpensive when compared to hardwood. Also, bamboo is naturally pest resistant, so there is no risk of your nursery being attacked by contaminants like mites and termites. Bamboo flooring is also scratch resistant and can thus resist all the thumping and beating that it will get at the hands of your boisterous little toddler. Like cork, bamboo farming is very sustainable and good for the environment. Bamboo floors also do not contain any VOCs or chemicals and would thus make the safest, most nurturing floors for your baby’s nursery.

Final Thoughts

Organic materials like hardwood, tiles, cork and bamboo are good choices for a baby nursery because they are easy to clean, contaminant and allergen repellent and they have virtually no VOCs that can hamper a child’s growth. Additionally, you should carpet your nursery with organic and eco-friendly fibers like jute/cotton/wool, so that your child will be protected from bruises as well as VOCs and contaminants.

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