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Five Companies for your Home Improvement

When improving your home, you need all the help you can get, so finding companies that offer great services and products are a godsend.

So, we have listed some companies that offer beautiful products and can give you that design inspiration you are after.


When it comes to improving your bathroom, you want a stylish product, that is built to last and isn’t too expensive – easier said than done. But, Soakology is a company that can offer beautiful bathroom furniture, well-designed and crafted and at a snip compared to some other big players in the bathroom market.

They also have a ‘How-To’ section on their website so you can get every bathroom task done quickly and effectively.

To see their products, visit: https://www.soakology.co.uk/

Spanish Sewing Bee

Over the last few years, handmade items are becoming more sought after and that’s why the Spanish Sewing Bee is one of our top picks. There is something extra special about hand-crafted items and they look expensive, unique, and long-lasting.

At the Spanish Sewing Bee, you can arrange any custom-built item for your home. For example, perhaps you have an idea for a pair of curtains but you can’t find the right ones in the store, or you have an old chair that needs upholstering, well you can get it all from the Spanish Sewing Bee.

To see what services she offers, visit: http://www.spanishsewingbee.com/

Garden Requisites

During the summer months, there is nothing better than sitting in the sunshine in your garden. So, in the build-up to summer, it is a good time to give your garden a little makeover and add some classy, well-made furniture. At Garden Requisites you can get anything from door canopies to trellises and even metal planters.

Hand-made in steel, these rustic items are the perfect addition to any garden and can completely transform how your garden looks.

Their products can be found here: http://www.garden-requisites.co.uk/

Collinson Tiles

From bathroom floor tiles to kitchen wall tiles, Collinson Tiles are a company that stocks a shed load of different tiles in different materials shapes, and sizes which means you can completely enhance your home. Floor tiles and wall tiles are so durable that they outlast any other type of flooring, and add another dimension compared to paint.

They also have a useful tool on their website which helps you to find the perfect tile for your home. All you need to do is fill in a form and then the clever tool finds the tiles which match your brief.

To view their selection of tiles, visit: http://www.collinsontiles.co.uk/

Love Salvage

Retro or reclaimed furniture has been in fashion for a while now and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere fast. Love Salvage has a whole host of upcycled that can add a bit of vintage to your home.

From rustic wooden crates to old-school rocking chairs, Love Salvage creates and sells some beautiful household items to make your interior stand out from the crowd.

To see their selection of products, visit: http://www.lovesalvage.com/



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