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Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts on a Budget

If many in your social circle, whether its friends or relatives, are pregnant, you are probably already realising just how expensive baby showers can be. Particularly if you are paying out for high-class designer gear.

However, there are no hard and fast rules or special etiquette that you need to follow when buying baby shower gifts that that say they need to be of a particular kind or even cost a certain amount.

In fact, as we will show from the post below, some of the best baby shower gifts are those that are relatively inexpensive, but have a lot of heart and meaning behind them.

Be Practical

If there’s one thing expectant mothers can have enough of in supply, it’s diapers and similarly important accessories. This includes baby wipes, shampoo and baby-grows. You could even give them a gift voucher so that they can buy these items as and when they need them without using up valuable storage space that’s already overfilled with their own pre-birth supply.

Knitted or Crocheted Gifts

Obviously, if you are a little crafty and handy with knitting needles or crochet hooks you could make some gifts for the mother-to-be. Most parents love seeing their little ones in beautifully made items, whether it’s their bedtime blanket or that incredibly cute cardigan, you can’t go wrong with this kind of inexpensive, but very heartfelt gift.

Offer Your Time

All new parents need a break from time to time. Whether it’s a break from their household chores or a break from their little bundle of joy, having some time to recuperate and recharge their batteries can make those tricky first few months with a new baby more manageable.

Therefore, a great way to celebrate their new arrival would be to present the expectant lady with a fun voucher book of ‘free cleaning service’ and ‘free babysitting service’ vouchers that they can redeem when necessary. Or you could just simply offer to come in one day a week to do some things for them for the first couple of weeks until they have a proper routine established.

A Childhood Favourite Toy or Board Book

Board books are inexpensive essentials for little ones. You can make the gift a lot more personal by selecting some that were your favourites when you were a child or your own baby’s favourites. Use an accompanying card to explain the connection.

Another way you could add a personal touch to a fairly inexpensive gift is by giving them toy that you loved when you were a baby, or that your own child loved.

Baby Themed Gift Basket

Baby shower gift baskets are other gifts that don’t necessarily have to cost a lot. A well-chosen blue or pink collection of items, including a cuddly teddy and some essentials is generally all you need to make any new mother happy. You could also get one with lots of snacks and treats for the mother-to-be to enjoy with her partner when faced with those false alarm visits to the hospital and the late-night feeds when baby has arrived.


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