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Most Popular Vape Starter Kits to Buy



Are you new to vaping? The best approach is to buy a vape device and accessories that are meant for this. When you dig deep into research, you will realize that there are many starter kits with excellent packages. It is incredible how easy these devices are to use and how enjoyable they are.

According to some expert sellers, starter kits are not like sophisticated vape mods. Their goal is to deliver the most balanced operation and smooth experience to starters. So, consider one of the devices that we are going to share below. They are the best among the numerous options out there.

Smok Mag Baby

The Smok brand is very popular today. This means that you can find it in any of the popular shops around the world, especially online. What makes it a perfect solution for beginners is the fact that it has a wattage range from 1 to 50W. Thus, beginners have a wide variety of options to play with. Even with the highest option, no one will choke with heavy clouds. The coils and other accessories are very simple, which makes it possible for beginners to enjoy the device.

Vaporesso Revenger X Kit

For daring beginners, this kit is not only stylish but has a high wattage of 220W. But users can regulate this wattage to as low as 0.5W. The battery lasts long enough for a beginner who has yet to get used to charging vape devices every now and then. There is no disappointment even when you travel a lot because the battery lasts a long time.

Innokin Proton Plex 235 W Starter Kit

This vape mod may sound more complicated than normal starter kits, but it is best for those who want to start on a high note. The dual 18650 batteries shoot the wattage as high as 235W, which is similar to vape devices for experienced vape enthusiasts. However, its simplicity is in its settings, and this is what beginners would be looking for. You can get this sub-ohm tank vape device on or from any other respectable seller.

Voopoo Drag Mini Kit

One incredible feature that beginners will love about the Voopoo Drag Mini Kit is that it can be recharged via a USB. This is the latest technology and offers major convenience. Its battery is big enough to last for a couple of days without having to juice it up again. When it comes to settings, this kit is as simple as many others. The good news is that it has a screen to let beginners see what the current settings are.

Halo Reactor Mega Kit

This is our last vape mod to discuss, but that it does not mean that it is the last in performance. It has one of the best designs that is loved by beginners. Although the battery is slim, it is one of the most powerful. At only 80W, beginners have an excellent starting point before they graduate to more powerful vape devices. The coils, tanks, and all other parts are simplified as well to make it more user-friendly for beginners.

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