Post-Surgery Massage Therapy Benefits

For anyone undergoing surgical procedures, pain management is probably high on your priority list of things to take care of. From soreness to downright splitting pain, did you know that massage therapy has many benefits for people dealing with post-surgical pain? For those of you looking for ways to help manage your pain and soreness, what better place to start than complete relaxation? Here are just a few benefits of massage therapy for post surgery patients dealing with pain.

Relaxation is Where it All Begins

Relaxation and relieving tension caused by stress and fear of more pain or straining from pain is a common issue that ends up leading to more pain in the long run. Massage therapy can eliminate this issue almost entirely because massage not only calms and relaxes tense muscles, it helps release hormones in your body to help you drop your stress at the door and walk out a free man.

Pain is More Than the Feeling

Surgery-related pain is also closely associated with various functional issues, including sleep loss, mood, low quality of life, and general daily disturbances. Patients who are about to undergo surgery commonly experience fear and anxiety, which just further complicates matters and can often end in very long lasting pain that can seem impossible to reverse.

Pain is not just a feeling. It’s a mindset. If you ease the burden and stress of thinking that your body will stay a certain way forever, you’ll begin to do things that will bring about that result without intending to. Massage therapy can help this by easing stress and helping a patient to feel not just physically better, but emotionally as well.

When it comes to pain management after surgery, it can be hard to make decisions about what might work and what might just be a waste of time. But we guarantee that spending time easing muscles and joints and working out knots will only benefit you in the long run and help you feel more confident about getting back into the full swing of life and enjoying yourself like you were able to pre-surgery.

Don’t let aches and pains keep you from living on the edge or living your dreams. Massage therapy can help you take back the life you’ve been missing so you can really live again.

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