Different Kinds of Storage Options

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Sometimes when we move house, complications arise, and there is a delay before we can move into our new home. You may be going abroad for an extended period, or even downsizing your home. When situations like this happen, you need to find a solution quickly so that you can safely store your possessions in a secure facility. There are three basic options that are available to you, and the best choice for you is going to depend on how much stuff you have which needs to be stored.

Palletized Storage

With palletized storage, you will load your possessions on pallets or preferably pallet boxes. These boxes can be dropped off at your home so that they can be easily loaded up with all of your belongings. When all of your possessions have been packed away, the pallets are then loaded onto a truck and taken to the storage facility. When they arrive at the storage facility, they will be unloaded from the truck and then placed in a pallet racking system.

Usually, each rack will have four levels that can be loaded with full pallets. When you are ready to receive your belongings, they are taken down from the rack and loaded onto the truck, which will then deliver the pallets to the address that you specify.

Self Storage Facilities

You will easily be able to find self-storage in Grantham or any other part of the country by doing a quick search on the internet. Self-storage facilities are ideal if you do not have too much that you need to place into storage. Most companies will offer lockers of varying sizes, depending on how much space you need. You can pack up your possessions into boxes and then transport them to the storage facility.

A great thing about self-storage is that you can go and add more things to your unit, or even take things out, as and when you need to. You will never get all of the furniture from an average home inside one of these units, but often they are big enough to take a full room’s worth of belongings.

Containerized Storage

If you are looking to pack up your entire house and place this into storage, then you will be best at looking at hiring a shipping container. You can order your shipping container and have this dropped off at your home where you can load everything that you are not going to throw away or sell.

When the shipping container has been filled, and all of your belongings are securely packed, the container will be collected. The container will then be taken to a secure storage facility where it will be allocated space until it is required.  When you are ready, your shipping container can be loaded onto a truck and delivered where ever it is that you need them.

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Checking the Facilities

Whichever type of storage is going to be most suitable for you, before committing to using a company you should go and check out their facilities first. You will want to see secure facilities with plenty of security, as well as plenty of CCTV around. With the self-storage facilities, the better operations will have a swipe card system that you will need to gain access to the storage area.

Any reputable company will happily show you around their facilities, as well as answer any questions that you may have. You do need to make sure that you keep paying the rental cost though, as non-payment may lead to your possessions being seized and sold at auction.

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