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Tips and Ideas for Family Day

While it’s true that we all have various commitments as members of a family – adults need to work, children need to go to school and then there are the household chores, etc., life as a family isn’t all about the day-to-day stuff.  Along with taking holidays, we need to make time in our busy schedules to spend together doing fun and interesting things as families.

In this country, we are still suffering the after-effects of the economic crisis, but that doesn’t mean that it is not possible to get out there and have family days out.  Yes, it is nice to go to a theme park, the cinema, or something else that costs a lot of money, but if your family budget is not flexible enough then these activities are just not an option.

The upside of it all though is that there are plenty of things that you can do as a family in this country that are either completely free or very inexpensive.

National Galleries

The vast majority of national galleries in the UK are free of any admission fee.  A simple search online will give you all the information you need about the ones that are in your local area.  Even if you have been to them in the past, you could still take another visit to them with a specific goal in mind.   If there is one that is a little further away you could turn it into a day trip by making packed lunches, driving off early and visiting the gallery, and having a walk around that particular town once you have finished.


Similarly to the UK’s national galleries, many of the country’s museums are free to enter and look around.  Even if there isn’t a large one in your local town or city, it is likely that there will be smaller ones that maybe offer some interesting insight into the history of your local area.

National and Local Parks

Unless there are specific events or fairs being held, most national and local parks are free to enter throughout the year.  While many of the parks are just parks with small playgrounds and a bit of water with some birds; others are huge landscapes that have skate parks, bike lanes, and other activities – some even have small petting zoos and wildlife sanctuaries.

Regardless of what is actually available at your local park, you can make it into a fun day out for next to no extra money by taking along a picnic hamper of goodies, a frisbee, a ball, and even a kite if the weather is windy enough and enjoy a nice day together in the fresh air.


Geocaching is like a modern version of a big old treasure/scavenger hunt and although it requires the use of a GPS device, most modern phones, and satnavs that we already own have this as a feature.  All you have to do is look online at the Geocache website and find items in your area, put the coordinates into your GPS device, and then get out there and explore.  The only real cost, like many of the above, is petrol/diesel and some food to eat while you are out.

There are plenty of other things you can do, depending on what your interests as a family are.  Nature and rambling trails do not cost anything and even just a trip to the beach is a very cost-effective way to spend the day.

It doesn’t really matter how much money you have to spend on a day out, the most important thing is that you get out there in the great British countryside and enjoy time together as a family!

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