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Why Hiring a Probate Lawyer is a Good Idea?

Are you in charge of someone else’s estate or making your own estate plan? There are various ways a probate lawyer can help you. They make the whole process much easier and can help you avoid potential problems. If you are still unsure whether you need to hire a probate lawyer, like one of the attorneys at FMS law, then keep reading to find out some good reasons why you should.

Prevents Conflict Within the Family

If you don’t have a lawyer, it could lead to many members of your family wanting to be part of the probate proceedings, which can make things unnecessarily confusing and increase the likelihood of conflict and arguments. By having a lawyer in place to help deal with any issues related to probate, you almost instantly remove the conflict and provide everyone involved with clarity and answers to the questions they may have.

Gain Quicker Access

The probate process is long and drawn out and can take as long as a year to complete. Although there is no way to fast-track much of the process, having a probate lawyer working on behalf of your estate can reduce the time from a year to roughly three to four months, which can mean your loved ones and heirs will receive the investments, assets, and property you left for them quicker.

Stops Any Claims Made Against Your Estate

When individuals die and leave an estate, it is a regular occurrence that someone out there will make a claim against their estate. This usually occurs when a member of the deceased’s family or their spouse wasn’t mentioned in the estate or will, but they think they should be. With a probate lawyer in place, however, you can put a stop to any claims being fielded against your estate plan.

Eliminate the Chance of it Being Rejected

Several important legal documents need to be filed properly before estate probating can happen. To prevent the courts from rejecting the documents they require, having a probate lawyer on board to ensure they are filled out and filed correctly can save a lot of time, stress, effort, and money.

Provide Answers to Questions

As the probating process is a complicated procedure, you are likely to have many questions while going through it. Things like what happens if the deceased has debt? do all assets need probating? and, who needs to be informed about the probate process?

Having a probate lawyer on your side, you can find the answers to these questions and more. The value of this kind of advice is immeasurable because if the probate process isn’t followed through on correctly, it could make you liable on a personal level for any mistakes made. And you’ve guessed it, these mistakes can be expensive, not just financially, but emotionally and mentally.

Avoid Lawsuits

Similarly having a probate lawyer on your side assisting you with the process can help avoid potential lawsuits. As we’ve noted, when family members don’t agree with the process, they can file lawsuits that are not only time-consuming and expensive but cause division within the family. A lawyer can prevent them from happening by making sure everything is transparent and very clear.

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