4 Myths about Working as a Freelance Writer Online

Whether you want to earn some extra income or would love to have your written work published, there are many reasons as a parent why you might consider working as a freelance writer online.

In some ways, it can sound like a dream come true, as working online seems easy enough.  That is until you start reading untrue and unfounded myths about working online.  This can stop you from taking the positive steps towards doing work that you will really enjoy and earning a bit of money in the process.

In the following post, therefore, we will tackle 4 of the most common myths about working as a freelance writer online and why you shouldn’t let them stop you from doing what you want.

Blogging Is Dead and All the Good Jobs Are Gone

There is a lot of scaremongering about writing online, particularly in terms of suggestions that blogging is dead and that all the good jobs have already been taken.  This is totally false.  The very fact that there are a large number of people out there who earn money from writing online should be encouraging enough for you to have a go.  There really is no shortage of work out there and as more and more businesses begin to fully realize the importance of the internet nowadays, more and more freelance writing jobs are popping up every day.

Online Writing Jobs Don’t Pay As Well As Offline Ones

This is a rather absurd generalization, as some printed offline publications do not pay for their written content at all.  Many specialty magazines and local newspapers rely on getting content from volunteers because of the associated costs of printing and distributing their publications.

With regards to online work though, even the smaller, independent businesses can afford to pay writers because their expenses are very low.  It is true that some online writing jobs do not pay very much money; you will find others that pay hundreds of dollars for just one short article.  As it is completely down to your own discretion the jobs you take, you never have to work for a low rate if you don’t want to.

You Need To Have Lots of Technical Knowledge to Work Online

This is one myth that probably puts off a lot of people, as they are convinced that writing online requires a lot of technical knowledge.  The reality is that you will already have the technical skills you need to work as a freelance writer including:

  • Writing emails to send to editors and clients
  • Basic use of a word processor like Open Office or Microsoft Word
  • You Need A Degree Or Major In English or Journalism

While a degree or some other kind of academic qualification in English or journalism may be helpful, it is in no way shape or form necessary.  The only thing editors and clients care about is your writing capabilities.  You will be able to write faster if you have those qualifications, but that is something you will pick up eventually if you start with no official writing experience.


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