A Guide to Cheap Televisions

Television is one of those products on which you can spend as much or as little as you want. With a huge variety in size, brand, and technology there is the almost limitless choice for you to pick the telly which will best fit your and your family’s needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a television that will not break the bank then you are in luck. All over the internet and down the high street are great deals on televisions as well as different avenues of discount to explore. Here is a brief guide to the different types of cut-price television and what to look for when making a purchase.

Sale TVs

No matter what time of year you are television shopping there will be a sale on televisions somewhere. There is a great range of products amongst the clearance televisions at Hispek, an electronics retailer with a sterling reputation. Within television sales, you will find a variety of models from smaller 24” screens for no more than £150 to huge 3D-ready smart TV at almost half price (which will still set you back over £1000). It is important to remember that these products will be on offer at discounted prices for a reason therefore looks at online reviews before you buy.

Second-Hand TVs

With television technology moving at such a pace, it is possible to pick up a great second-hand TV at a bargain price. But with televisions, especially LCD televisions being such complex pieces of equipment, it is worth being extra careful to ensure the second-hand TV that you buy is in good working order. It is advisable to ask the reason that the television is being sold, check the age of the model (LCD TVs usually have a life expectancy of between 5-10 years) and if possible watch the TV in action. If you can get the manufacturer’s warranty this is also a great bonus.

Budget Brand TVs

A lot of the bigger supermarkets and electronics retailers have their own brands of TVs. Logik, Celcus, and Technika are exclusive to Currys, Sainbury’s, and Tesco respectively. Most of these models are really only appropriate for a second screen perhaps in the kitchen or bedroom. However, Logik produces a good line of built-in DVD TVs while Technika is a popular brand because of its line of big screens at low prices. Budget brand TVs can be great value for money but it’s worth putting in the research on consumer review websites before committing.

End of the Line

With a recent announcement that LG, the last manufacturer to produce plasma TVs, is ceasing production of this line of televisions it seems the end of the line for what was once the biggest rival of LCD. Fortunately, this means you may be able to find cut-price offers on TVs that boast great picture quality and have been given a bad reputation because of a ‘burn-in’ problem which was only really an issue with early models. Keep an eye out for 3D going the same way.

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