Decorating with large-scale artwork

The right piece of artwork (or collection of artwork) can really make a room’s décor jump.  Artwork is the finishing touch to a room, like jewelry to accent an outfit.  You can of course find artwork in virtually every size imaginable, but to really make a bold statement, why not consider something large like a wall mural?  Full wall murals can make a show-stopping difference in any room, from a living room to a loft space and even in a baby’s nursery!

Basically, wall murals are oversized pieces of artwork, either on a canvas or in a frame (such as a painting or drawing) or a piece of art painted directly onto the wall.  Generally, wall murals that are not painted directly onto the wall come in a series of panels because they are so large, making it a challenge to safely hang them in one piece.  These large-scale pieces of art can really make a statement in any room.

One of the most important things to remember when decorating large art pieces such as murals is that they are meant to take center stage.  For best results, it’s best to keep the rest of the room’s décor more understated and less cluttered so that your statement piece can speak for itself loud and clear.  That’s not to say the rest of the room should be boring.  Not at all!  Instead, choose a color palette that complements your artwork and keep the other décor items in the room more minimal.  Too much going in the room will not only make it feel cluttered and busy, but your mural won’t have the impact it otherwise could have.  And that’s the main reason to purchase large-scale artwork:  to create impact.  Don’t let that be a lot by filling your room with other items that will take away from your mural.

Another thing to consider is that because murals are investment pieces, you’ll want to choose something you can live with for a long time.  Choose something that isn’t too trendy, otherwise, you’ll probably tire of it too soon.  Something more classic or with sentimental meaning to your family is a better choice because it will be something you’ll love for years to come.

In a baby’s room, there are two ways you can think about potential décor.  The first is with an eye toward stimulating the baby’s imagination, with bold, high-contrast colors and engaging images.  The second is décor that will soothe the baby and provide a serene environment perfect for rest, snuggles, and together time.  Both are great and have been proven beneficial to little ones.  For a high-contrast look, bright primary colors and fun, eye-catching designs work well.  For a serene and soothing décor scheme, pastel colors and relaxing images (moons, stars, water, etc.) will achieve the look you are after.

If you are looking to make a real impact in a room, wall murals are a great option.  There are many companies out there that sell wall murals made for virtually every room in your home.  All you have to do is choose the one that best suits your taste.

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