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Father and Son days out to the races

A day out at the Grand Prix is usually the highlight of anyone’s sporting calendar, and this year is promising to be even better, thanks in part to better technology improving the competition, and an increasing sense of excitement surrounding Formula One’s 2015 season. Spending a day at the races is a fantastic activity for the whole family, but it can be particularly enjoyable for a father and son hoping to find a common ground. If you’re stuck for a father and son bonding weekend, you could certainly do worse than investing in tickets to Silverstone, which this year falls on the 3rd to 5th of July.

Making the most of your day out

To make sure you truly make the most of your trip to a Formula One race, be sure to book your tickets – there is nothing worse than turning up to a venue to find you’ve been misinformed or to discover that it’s fully booked. Plan ahead, and pay for as much as you can in advance. It is also a great idea to research other events and attractions that may be available during your trip. Make the most of everything there is, and once it’s all done, ensure you’ve got somewhere nice and comfortable to stay (if applicable). Follow this advice and you’re on your way to enjoying the best weekend of your year.

Another way to really make the most of a Formula One weekend is to follow the latest news, reviews, and information online on the various sports channels and via social media – only then can you be sure that you’re completely in the know. The main site for Silverstone is a great one to follow as it reveals ticket deals, weekend information, and other great experiences you’re likely to have during your weekend. Formula One’s official site is another fantastic source of information, and it is well worth keeping an eye on cable and satellite channels’ racing coverage.

Max Mosley, the former FIA president and a prominent figure in the world of Formula One, is one other source of reliable information. Who knows more about what’s going on, and the best sights to see, than someone who has been embracing and influencing the sport for so many years? One glance at Max Mosley on IMDb will show you just how conspicuous he is in the world of Formula One, and, despite his retirement, he continues to support and advertise the sport to those who might be interested.

If you’re a father hoping to spend time finding common ground with your son, you could do far worse than enjoying a day at the races – the Grand Prix races, that is! The Grand Prix at Silverstone has come to be regarded as one of the country’s very best sporting days out, and there is so much more involved than merely watching cars go around a track; although that in itself can be fantastic fun! It is definitely worth considering spending the day surrounded by Formula One and its many amazing attributes.

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