Fun Outdoor Activities for your Kids

As much as we like to complain about the British weather, it’s not all doom and gloom! During the school summer holidays, we usually have a fair few days that are perfect for getting out and about with the kids.

Encouraging your little ones to spend time outdoors can be great for their health and well-being – the NHS recommends that all kids who can walk unaided should be active for at least three hours a day. If your children aren’t quite meeting these guidelines, here are three excellent ideas that will get them more excited than ever before about getting out and about!

1. Set off on an adventure together!

There’s nothing quite like a treasure hunt to get your kids excited about being in the great outdoors. By coming up with a few treasure hunt clues for kids in advance, you can have your little adventurers working together as a team to locate the hidden prize. You don’t need a huge outdoor space for this – with a little imagination, even a small yard can be transformed into a mysterious treasure cave!

Treasure hunt clues for kids

Here are some great ideas for treasure hunt clues for kids:

  • Draw a treasure map to lead to the first location.
  • Use rhymes and riddles for older kids to really get them thinking.
  • Create puzzles – like a word search (leftover letters spell out location).

2. Enjoy a nature walk

Going on a treasure hunt or walk with infants in a local park or wooded area is not only a great way to get them moving their legs – it’s also an excellent opportunity for you to teach them more about nature. Before heading off on your walk, create a checklist (a picture checklist for younger children) of the flowers and animals you’re likely to see, and encourage your kids to tick off each item as they go.

Nature walk checklist

Here are just some ideas to add to your nature walk checklist:

  • Birds – robins, gulls, pigeons, magpies, or even kestrels.
  • Dogs – especially if walking a common dog-walking route.
  • Flowers – daisies and dandelions are common sights.

3.  Plan your own sports day

Sports day is often the highlight of the school calendar, but why just have one per year? You can easily plan and set up your own sports day for your kids – it’s not only a good chance for them to get some exercise, but it’ll also help them hone their skills and develop a growing interest in sports. If your own garden isn’t quite large enough, head off to your local park or playing field for a bit more room.

What you’ll need:

The good news is that you only need a few items to make a great sports day:

  • Brightly colored line markers such as small beanbags.
  • Hoops and batons, depending on your chosen events.
  • A medal or trophy for the winners – homemade is fine!

Whether it’s walking, running, finding treasure, or simply just sitting and watching the world go by, getting outdoors is just as beneficial for us as it is for our kids. We all lead busy lives, and finding the time to get out can sometimes be challenging, but it’s something that many of us need to make more of a priority. With these three great ideas, getting out and about with the kids is something we can all look forward to.

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