How cell phone technology affects our children?

In the not-so-distant past, children ran out the door for the entire day with nothing more than a stick in one hand and a ball in the other. The only means of communication was a cowbell mom would ring around dusk, letting the neighborhood know that supper was ready to be served.

Fast-forward a few decades later, every child has a cell phone in their pocket like they’re working on Wall Street—waiting as if the stock were to plummet at any moment.

However, the advancements in cell phone technology certainly make our job as parents a heck of a lot easier. We know where they are, where they’ve been, and now, we even know where they are going. Needless to say, it certainly eases our parental anxiety—but at what cost?

Below, we will take a look at the pros and cons of how the advancements in cell phone technology affect our children’s lives:


  • In the classroom, or whenever we parents aren’t around to provide the information our kids may need, cell phones give instant access to knowledge, which can be easily applied to everyday situations. For example, whether or not it’s going to rain outside, if the carpool is going to be late, or even if it’s finding a convenient and safe location to eat a snack—cell phones are no doubt an incredible resource.
  • Many cell phones are implemented with a tracking device within their software. This ensures that you know that your child is at the appropriate location—at all times.
  • Staying in touch. Sometimes kids may need to stay after school to finish an assignment or would spend the afternoon at a friend’s house. Cell phones also allow immediate contact in case of emergency situations for either yourself or your child.
  • The power of responsibility. Many parents, including myself, jump at the opportunity to set certain rules and/or guidelines regarding how or when the appropriate time to use your cell phone is. Not only does this teach self-accountability, but it also teaches them the significance of why it’s important to take care of expensive items.

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  • Immediate access to infinite knowledge certainly comes with a cost—especially at school. The temptation for kids to cheat and/or send test answers to friends, is, unfortunately, at an all-time high. Not to mention, serious and even permanent consequences may be branded to your child and affect their chances with colleges/scholarships.
  • For lack of a better sang: ignorance is bliss. Many times our children have a difficult time connecting the “amount of time” spent on the phone with “monthly expenses.”
  • The stimuli initiated by the “universe of entertainment” that today’s cell phones produce could dramatically affect the ability of our children to appreciate natural stimuli, such as simple things, like spending time outside or playing sports with friends. Cell phones do have addictive components to them, so it’s imperative that we moderate the amount of time spent our children spend on the phone.
  • One of the most dangerous everyday activities our kids 16 and up partake in, is, of course, driving. Sadly, as advancements in technology continue to grow, so do the chances of being involved in an accident. This is a growing epidemic. Educate your kids, and save lives!

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