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Outdoor Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas is very nearly here and your children will undoubtedly have handed you their rather lengthy (and often somewhat unattainable) wish list, full to the brim with toys. From game consoles to board games, so often, many of the toys or games they request from you are indoor based but there are plenty of equally as exciting outdoor-related gifts available too. Here are just a few outdoor Christmas gift ideas that both you and your little ones are certain to love.


This unusual alternative to the skateboard is a great way to introduce your child to extreme sports in a less extreme way. Allowing your child (or teenager) to cruise the neighborhood at their own pace, without the danger of tricks you may associate with skateboarding. This is a gift that would be suitable for a range of ages from young to old – or even older! Companies such as Skate Hut are a great place to start your search for longboards or similar items such as skates and scooters – they even supply safety equipment such as helmets too.


Perhaps something you might not have considered as a gift for your child, but binoculars are a fantastic way of introducing them to nature such as wildlife and birds. This is a great tool for learning, as well as encouraging your little one to explore their surroundings and to help them develop an interest in nature too. Why not supply them with a bird or nature spotting book too and help them to create a tick list of things they have spotted?


Spending time in the garden with your child can be a magical experience, especially as they begin to get excited about learning how things grow and change with the seasons. A plant or seed-based gift can help develop this interest further and will teach them how to nurture things and help them to grow. Vegetables and sunflowers are a great starting point when deciding what plants to buy as a gift for your child.

An Experience Day

There are experience days available for all sorts of outdoor activities, from penguin feeding to horse riding, and from a day working on a farm to something a little more challenging like rock climbing. Whatever your child’s interests there is bound to be something to suit every taste and an experience day is something they’re certain to remember forever.

Whether you want to subtly encourage your child to be a little more active or you’re simply looking for ideas for things you think your little one will love, these are just a few ideas to inspire you this Christmas.


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