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The Rise of Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities are an excellent housing option for the elderly. The difference between these facilities and nursing homes is the autonomy and control their residents have in their day-to-day lives. Senior living facilities vary based on the levels of care and services offered. Some homes only offer basic retirement living while others include memory care, rehabilitation centers, and hospice care.

Senior living facilities are rising in popularity because residents continue to live normal productive lives with the added advantage of readily available caregivers, housekeeping, and plenty of enjoyable activities. These are not places where the elderly are cast away and forgotten. Rather, they offer a wealth of activities that allow residents to thrive despite their advancing age. The costs associated with residing in these facilities are relatively lower than those of nursing homes, making them an ideal option for senior care.

Great Living Conditions

Moving from a larger house to a single room may seem daunting at first, but with time, the practicality becomes evident as residents begin to appreciate the ease with which they can move around. The common spaces and open grounds in the home also help the elderly feel like they are part of a community and not exiles in their rooms.

Senior living facilities have many opportunities for social interactions to curb loneliness which can lead to depression. This is common among senior citizens, especially after the death of a long-time companion. These activities need not be boring and may include spin classes, theater, dancing, arts and crafts, Yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. Senior living facilities also provide a secure environment for the elderly who are often targeted by criminals who perceive them as vulnerable, easy targets.

Greater Independence

A common misconception about senior living facilities is the loss of personal independence. The truth is, residents, enjoy greater independence once they are freed from performing mundane chores like grocery shopping, medication schedules, and other tedious errands. Caregivers handle all this while ensuring residents’ preferences and needs are incorporated. Personalized care like bathing and dressing is given to residents who are unable to perform these functions due to advanced age or illness. Transport services are also provided for mobility around the city.

Increased Health and Wellness

Senior living facilities have a full-time staff of caregivers, physical therapists, nutritionists, and nurses available to residents. These places are also customized for elder care with wheelchair-accessible ramps and reinforced support in bathrooms to prevent resident injuries. As you age, your body’s immune system and nutritional requirements also change. Your diet must contain the right kind and amount of nutrients your body requires. Senior living facilities prepare nutritious meals for residents based on age and pre-existing health conditions to provide nourishment and build resistance to common ailments.

When searching for a senior living facility, pick one that aligns with your tastes and can handle the level of care that you require. Get as much information about the facility as possible. Pay them a visit, assess the services offered, and talk to current residents to get a feel of the place. Consider a senior living facility that is close to friends and family members so that you remain connected to the people you love.

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