Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth

If your child has recently been told by the dentist that he or she may have to wear braces.  This can make you and your children feel very anxious, because of the negative aspects that seem to go hand in hand with wearing braces.  It is important to take heart that you are not alone and that while there are many drawbacks unless you opt for your child to wear invisible braces, the positive benefits of wearing braces and straight and perfectly aligned teeth far outweigh any downsides.

In the following article, we will look at three of the most important benefits of having straight teeth.

Better Oral Health And Hygiene

It may or may not seem like common sense to you, but the basic truth of the matter is the straighter and better aligned your teeth are, the easier they will be to clean properly.  When you have crooked teeth that are overcrowded in your mouth, this is the perfect environment for food particles to get trapped and increase the chances of you developing plaque and bacteria building up in your mouth. As the bacteria builds and hardens into plaque, it eventually tarter.

On the flip side though, having spaces that are too big between teeth because of missing or misaligned teeth can mean that larger pieces of food can get trapped in between.  This can result in gum disease and cavities.

Gingivitis is another condition that can be prevented by having straight teeth.  Gingivitis is a condition that affects people with crooked teeth that can eventually develop into periodontitis which affects your jawbone, tissues, and gums.  When you have straight teeth, you are able to brush and floss your gums and teeth effectively which can prevent inflammation and keep your mouth cleaner.

Psychological And Physical Benefits

As well as improving the health of your mouth, having straight teeth also have psychological and physical benefits.  For instance, it is much easier to speak and chew when your teeth are straight and properly aligned.  Furthermore, misaligned teeth can cause chipped teeth which can affect how good your smile looks.

By far the most important psychological benefit of having your teeth straightened is feeling good about your mouth and smile.  Whether it’s an adult or a child having their teeth straightened by invisible braces, they will be able to have their picture taken, laugh, and smile – three things that they would have been less confident about doing due to the dent in their self-confidence the problems with their teeth caused them.


Although it is not nice and very shallow to think that people will judge you solely on how straight your teeth are, it does happen.  Ask anyone out and about if they find straight teeth more attractive than crooked and you can be guaranteed that most people will say they do.

As you can see from the above, there are many good reasons and benefits to be had for your child by wearing braces to correct misaligned and crooked teeth.  Not only can straight teeth improve the health of their mouth, the bones, and the tissues around it, but they can also improve their speech and probably most importantly, their smile.

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