Top Tips to Find a Reliable Locksmith

Locksmiths are helpful professionals who can help in a variety of circumstances. Maybe you’ve locked yourself out of your house or car, or have come home to broken locks. You may have even just purchased a new home and are wondering about the best way to begin securing your home. A locksmith can help in all these situations and more, but getting a reliable locksmith is extremely important.

Ensuring your blacksmith is trustworthy should be your utmost concern. Especially in desperate times, like when you’re locked out of your home or vehicle, some people may try to take advantage of you by providing shoddy service and overcharging. Worse yet, locksmiths are in unique positions to steal from you if they’re not reliable. Thankfully, there are ethical and competent locksmiths everywhere, you just need to find them. Here are our tips on finding a trustworthy locksmith to work on your hard-earned property:

Make Sure They Are Insured

Locksmiths have insurance to protect their equipment and your property. In case your door is damaged during installation, or the locksmith loses a tool in your garage, insurance will cover the difference. Not only does this take a load off your mind, but it also speaks to the professionalism of the locksmith. They are willing to take responsibility for anything that may go wrong during a job, and that’s the sign of an honest work partner.


Especially during a lock-out, both the locksmith and the property owner should be prepared to identify themselves. You will want to make sure the locksmith is exactly who you are paying for (grab a business card if you can), and they will want to confirm that you are the rightful property owner. Providing their own identification and asking for yours is the sign of an ethical locksmith.

Roadside Assistance

Some roadside assistance providers offer locksmith services and add an extra level of insurance to your job. If you’re locked outside your vehicle, call roadside assistance first to see if they can send you someone from their list of trusted specialists.

Look Locally

Local locksmiths offer many benefits, but one of the most important is expedience. You can use the internet, for instance searching ‘Vegas Locksmith’ if you’re in Nevada, or by visiting the online YellowPages. If you must use a long-distance locksmith, beware of additional fees.

Of course, visiting their brick-and-mortar store is the best option, but not always available to those in emergency situations.

Ask For an Estimate

Don’t forget to ask about the cost! All the costs, including the pesky travel fees mentioned above. If you think the estimate is high, don’t be afraid to shop around. Just remember that it’s always better to pay more for a professional and proven locksmith than for someone without the right credentials.

Ask or Research Their Credentials

Your locksmith should be licensed or registered with your state (where applicable) before you consider using them. If the information isn’t displayed on their website or in the advertisement, be sure to ask even before asking for an estimate.

If Something Goes Wrong

If, despite your best efforts at selecting the most qualified locksmith, something goes wrong with your job, act quickly and call the company directly to resolve your issue. As we mentioned, reputable locksmiths will have insurance to cover any damages or losses caused during their work, but the claims may be time-sensitive.

Just because being a locksmith provides the opportunity to take advantage of people doesn’t mean all locksmiths are bad people- in fact, many are just hard-working individuals with a love for their craft. Be smart and use our tips to pick a trustworthy and reliable locksmith for your next security issue.

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