Blogs That All Parents Should Read

All three of us have been blogging for a while now, on and off for the last 6 to 7 years, and what we learned during that time while we were (trying desperately trying with all our energy and brainpower) to hone our skills as bloggers is that while you are in competition with the rest of the internet to get as many readers and viewers as you can, you should not see fellow bloggers on the interweb as the enemy.

I (Mike) am sure my two cohorts will agree when I say that the only reason I would consider myself to be a decent (ok Phoebe, half decent) blogger is down to the help and support and advice I picked up either directly from other bloggers or by habitually reading as many blogs as I could.

That is why we feel the need to tell you about the blogs we consider to be the best for parents, without losing Parent Slate readers obviously!

http://labs.ebuzzing.co.uk/top-blogs/parenting has lists of the most influential blogs on various different subjects and topics based on a variety of different parameters.  There are too many to mention, but, seeing as some of our all-time favorites are mentioned we will talk about those!

Mummy Mishaps


The reason we love Mummy Mishaps run by Jenny, a mum of 2, is because she is so down to earth and has a good sense of humor.  It is basically all about her life as a mum and the thing that really makes it stand out from the crowd of parenting blogs is that she doesn’t just pick and choose to post about the times when everything goes well; she also posts about the times when things don’t go according to plan, which is something all parents can relate to.  Also, and I am not looking in Phoebe’s direction at all ;-), we love how much she loves cake!  We can’t recommend this blog enough!

Mummy Daddy Me


Another of our favorite parenting blogs is the rather slick and polished, but still warm and engaging Mummy Daddy Me.  This is a beautiful blog that was created by the mummy, Katie, and her husband Mr. E, after they had their first child arrived so that they had a place to write about their adventure as a family, collecting and sharing memories.  It was based on them being a family of three until they had their second child.  The real star of the show for us, besides their adorable children, is Katie who is a photography enthusiast because the pictures are just brilliant!



It would be really hard for any parent not to fall in love with OneDad3Girls, a blog started by Darren to share the experiences he and his small family share together.  Raymond and I particularly like this blog as it is from the dad’s point of view, a rarity in the parenting blog world.  It’s also sweet that he refers to his wife and 2 daughters as the 3 girls in the blog name.

While these are brilliant blogs that you should all start reading and looking at if you haven’t already, there are lots more out there too!


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