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How To Choose New Bathroom Faucets

It is easy to sometimes overlook bathroom faucets and see them as nothing more than an incidental detail.  However, their design can impact and set the tone for the whole room.  If you have not shopped for faucets for a few years, you are in for a shock when you see the vast array of styles, functions, and finishes they are available nowadays.

To help simplify the process of choosing faucets you should take three factors into consideration – style, comfort, function, and fit.

The Style

Are you just updating your old sink or are you completely remodeling with new furniture?  If you are looking to just update your sink, you will have a more limited selection to choose from as you will have to choose faucets that fit in the existing holes.  If however, you are remodeling and renovating your bathroom completely you have more freedom.  It may be a good idea to work out all the furniture you want including the type of home toilets you would like, then find the sink and faucets that match in style.

The Function

If you are looking for fairly basic faucets, the kind that pours water and does nothing else, then you have a wide range to choose from. However, nowadays faucets have improved and the technology and designs involved mean that there are various extra functions available.  Hands-free for instance are very popular now and great if you want to conserve water and energy.

Before you visit a showroom or contact PlumbTile, think carefully about your current lifestyle and how much the new faucets will be used.  If you don’t think it will be used very much, a more aesthetically pleasing, less functional facet would suit, whereas if you have children and/or a large household of people, you will want something robust.

The Fit

Although the above two factors are hugely dependent on your own preference, the fit is the more technical part of everything and is especially important to pay attention to if you are replacing faucets on an existing sink.


Along with the three main factors outlined above, you need to also consider your available budget.  Have a figure in your head that you know you can afford to spend, but know that in order to get the precise look and functionality you want, you may have to compromise in some way.  For instance, in order to get the type of faucets you want with the functionality you want, you may have to opt for a less expensive material or finish.

It doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it first feels when you are looking for bathroom faucets.  As long as you keep in mind the above considerations and do as much research as you possibly can, understanding the differences in styles, functions, and fits, before locking in and deciding to buy something, you will have a much more rewarding and enjoyable time shopping for faucets.

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