Benefits of Conservatory When You Have Kids

It can be tricky finding fun things to do with your children if you have a particularly small house that lacks covered space and on rainy days are all too common in this country.  However, if you invest in an orangery or conservatory there are plenty of benefits this can bring to you and your family.  An orangery or conservatory is essentially an extension of the indoor living space in your house that provides a lighter, cooler connection between your garden and your home.

In the following article, we will highlight a few ways an orangery can benefit you and your children’s life.


When your children are on holiday from school or chilling out at the weekend, although they deserve to have a break from organized and structured learning, it doesn’t mean they cannot continue to learn on their own.  You could sit in the conservatory and read a book with them, as this is something we are all encouraged to do as parents to improve their reading skills, their vocabulary and just because it is a lot of fun too.

Computer and Video Games

You could use that nice airy and bright space to set up the computer or a video games console so that they can play by themselves or with friends away from the main area of the house.  This is particularly helpful as it means you can continue with any household chores you have planned for that particular day, without stopping them from having a nice time.


Spend some quality time with your children in the kitchen, either passing on family recipes or trying something new.  Baking cakes and cutting cookies and then decorating them when they are finished is always a lot of fun and very messy too.  By cooking and baking with them at a young age you will help give them a basic understanding of these skills that they will want to expand upon when they are older.  You can then take the fruits of your labor into the orangery/conservatory to enjoy.

Throw a Party

There is not a child on the planet that wouldn’t think of their parents as even bigger heroes than they already do after they agree to let them have a party and invite their best and closest friends.  Having the party in the conservatory is a great way to make it feel special and you could decorate it and set up party games in there to make it feel like a real party zone.

Watch Films

Who doesn’t remember the joyful experience of going to the cinema with your mum and dad when you were a kid?  The cinema these days is quite expensive and while nothing compares to seeing a big blockbuster or hilarious animated movie on the big screen in your local picture house, there are alternatives that are just as good if you make the effort and you get to save a lot of money too.  Get a couple of bags of popcorn, dim the lights, close the curtains, and turn your conservatory into your own family cinema.

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