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I am sure that I am not alone as the only person who likes to save as much money on things as often as possible.  As I am a parent to 2 gorgeous children, I feel the pressure, even more, to try and hunt for bargains and find great deals to help my money go as far as it can.

Although I do love Christmas, I mean I really do.  There is one thing I hate about this time of year – looking at Facebook at all the people on my friends list posting the details about their latest Christmas shopping spree.  Good for them is all I can say because I find Christmas a lot harder than most and not only can I not really afford as much as other people, I absolutely detest trying to maneuver around the shops during the Christmas and New Year shopping season.

I don’t see the point in being trampled on when I can avoid all the madness of grown adults fighting over slightly lower-priced TVs and game consoles when I can do all my shopping in a civilized manner online.  As I like to be as frugal as I can and stay updated on the latest money-saving offers, discount codes, and deals I frequently visit for hints and tips regarding bargains.  I have also subscribed to a few good daily deals and discount offer email lists, meaning I don’t even have to visit any other site besides my email inbox to find out the latest money-saving offers.

Below you will see a list of some of the best and latest toys that most children really want this year for Christmas.  The widget, from, helps take the hassle and strain out of finding those elusive deals and special offers by comparing the price of items in various different stores.  That way, with just one little box you can find the best price on that “must-have” item.

So, now it’s your turn – please use the comment section below to tell me what toys your kids have on their Christmas list this year and are going to get them.

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