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Creating Innovative Storage Solutions

Any parent will agree that having children is a wonderful thing, but with your little ones come all their toys, clothes, and in the case of babies, cleaning products. Which, when all added together, can clutter up your home.

Fortunately, this need not be the case! You’ll be pleased to hear that there are different ways and means to keep your home tidy and better still many of these are simple, yet clever uses of the furniture you might already have in your house.

Revolutionising Bookcases

Despite their rather prescriptive name, bookcases can be used for great effect to store other items. Obviously, you can still keep books here but why not use them as a means to display their toys, games, or DVDs? Also, if your children are the artistic sort, their creations, and artwork can also sit nicely on the shelves.

Accommodating Coffee Tables

Low-profile or tiered coffee tables in particular can be very useful for storage. First of all, they can easily accommodate a variety of items underneath them and as an added bonus they’re easy for children to get their toys in and out of.

Traditional Toy Boxes

As they say ‘the old ones are often the best’, so why not go with a traditional toy box? Not only are these great for quickly packing away your toys, but they can be put out of the way in the corner. What’s more, you can now find them in a variety of interesting designs and styles.

Spacious Ottoman Storage

Your fold-up Ottoman beds and units are typically used to house pillows, linen, and cushions, but instead, these can provide spacious areas in which to keep your clutter.

Concealing Skirts on Tables

The underneath of any table in your home can be turned into a storage area by attaching a skirt around the edge. By neatly stacking your items beneath them you get rid of any mess and then attaching a skirt to hide these puts them out of sight and out of mind. Also, you have a fantastic opportunity to get creative with the styles and looks of these skirts.

Simple Dividers

Thinking outside the box a little here, but depending on space, why not create a designated play and storage area for your kid’s belongings? A basic and cheap divider can be erected to create a physical separation from your tidier living space; just make sure you stick to your guns and keep everything within these boundaries though!
As aforementioned you may have some of this furniture already, but if you’ve seen an idea that appeals to you and you’re considering investing in some new pieces make sure it is sturdy and built to last. Not only will these be able to withstand the wear and tear your child’s things can cause, but you get some smart new furniture for your home as well!

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