The Importance of Spring Cleaning for Your Body

Most people are familiar with the concept of spring cleaning for the home. However, many may not be aware of how important it is to apply this concept to the body, as well. The winter months can wreak havoc on the skin, the hair, and the rest of the body. Just as you might clean every corner of your home after a long winter, you can benefit from detoxifying your body and replenishing it with vital nutrients.

Detoxifying Your Body

You can actually detoxify your body with the foods that you put into it. Like countless other people, you may consume a lot of heavy foods in the winter. This is a normal instinct designed to help the body survive the harsh winter months. After several months of filling up on meat, poultry, starches, and simple carbohydrates, your body will probably appreciate a little bit of natural detoxification

To gently clean the interior of your body, you might consume an assortment of fruits and vegetables that will assist you in accomplishing this goal. Fruits that may aid in the cleansing process include apples, blueberries, and cranberries. Citrus fruits may also help to rid the body of toxins, so you may want to try some recipes that contain lemons, oranges, and grapefruit.

A variety of vegetables may facilitate the detoxification process. Artichoke can aid the liver in purging your system of toxins. Beets work to cleanse the body, and they also contain phytochemicals to help your body ward off infection. Be sure to include broccoli sprouts and cabbage on your grocery list when you’re planning to implement spring cleaning for your body.

Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

Winter may be especially harsh on the skin. If you spend any time outside, your skin might be exposed to low temperatures and excessive moisture. Conversely, spending time inside may also be tough on your epidermis. The heating systems in your home, workplace, and vehicle can cause your skin to become dry and sensitive.

In order to combat the effects of the previous season, you will probably need to invest in a good exfoliating product. A mild exfoliator will be especially useful if your skin is flaky and feels irritated. Follow this step with a facial mask, and finish with an intensely hydrating moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply specific products designed for particularly sensitive or rough areas, such as lip balm, eye cream, and foot cream.

Preparing Your Hair for Spring

Your hair can suffer in the winter, too. Harsh weather could be as rough on your hair as it is on your skin. The dry air indoors may leave your hair feeling brittle and dry. If you use too much conditioner to counteract the cold temperatures, the result could be hair that feels limp and greasy. To detoxify your hair and make it gorgeous for spring, start with a cleansing treatment for your scalp and hair. Follow that step with a shampoo that clarifies, and don’t forget to finish the process with a hydrating treatment.

Once you have treated your hair, you might want to consider a new look for the new season. You could have your hair cut in a dramatic new style. You may even want to visit a color specialist, so you can explore the hues that look best with your skin tone.

Spring is a time for renewal, and this includes cleansing your body, skin, and hair. Spring cleaning is just as important for your body as it is for your home. In fact, it’s even more critical – because, unlike your home, you are irreplaceable.

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