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Funny Parenting Stories

Parenting has its ups and downs, good days and bad days, and therefore is always a good source of inspiration for stories.  Some stories related to family life and parenting can be sad, while others will make you fall off your seat with laughter.  It is the latter that we are going to focus on this particular page.

We have gathered together some of our favorite funny stories about parenting that we have read recently.


Toilet Trouble

A four-year-old was old enough to be playing outside with his friends and one day when he was out playing he came home crying to his mum.  His mum asked him what was wrong and he said he had pooed his pants.  When she checked, she couldn’t see anything and he said it was because it was on the neighbor’s doorstep.

Another young boy had problems wetting the bed (which happens to the best of us) and he had to have one of those polythene covers on his bed and his uncles used to tease him about it.  To stop them teasing and laughing at him he said that he would prove he could be dry that night.  At around 4 am the house was woken by the sound of the little boy screaming.  It turns out he had used some plasters (band-aids) to shut his penis to stop himself from wetting the bed, unfortunately, though when nature called it hurt like hell!

Another funny story was the time a woman was taking her 4-year-old son to visit his grandmother in the next town along and during the journey the son asked “Can we go to the bathroom mommy?”  The mum answered “We’re almost there, can you hold it in?” to which the son replied “My hands will get dirty mommy” ha-ha

These first few stories are taken from

A woman’s daughter was 4 years old when the following story happened.  They had just got home from doing something and she went to the bathroom.  It was her time of the month and unfortunately, the bathroom didn’t have a door handle.  The daughter wandered into the bathroom only to see her mum dealing with her period.  Oh, dear.  The daughter’s eyes widen as big as plates and then she ran down the hallway screaming the house down “MOMMY’S BLEEDING OUT HER BUTT!! WE NEED TO TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL”

A father had a funny (ok disgusting) experience while changing his daughter’s nappy once.  It was one of those bursting-at-the-seams nappies with poo everywhere, up her back, neck, hair, and everywhere.  Anyway, he thought he had done a pretty good job cleaning her and him up and was sitting eating some Guacamole when he noticed some left on his finger.  He did what any dip lover would and licked his finger clean, only to discover that it wasn’t Guacamole!!  YUCK!

Those stories were taken from

What are a few of the ones we loved, what are your own funny parenting and family stories?  Let us know in the comments section below, thanks!


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