How to use a Drain Camera

Drain cameras allow you to get an unparalleled look inside pipes, providing you with the information that you need to identify and clear away any blockages. They represent the latest technology but need to be used correctly if they are to be as beneficial as possible.

Use the Right Camera

It might go without saying, but make sure that you use a professional camera. There are numerous videos online providing instructions on how to create a DIY model, but these lack the features of a quality drain camera, and their lack of durability means that you’ll run the risk of a part breaking off during use. This can cause an additional blockage that is tricky to clear, and it often means losing a valuable bit of the kit.

A decent drain camera should have a built-in LCD screen, fiberglass cabling, powerful lights, and the ability to broadcast high-resolution video. Many will have transmitters at the end to help you locate the position of block points.

Wear the Right Gear

Any time that you’re working with open drains, make sure that you’re properly protected with a good pair of gloves. These will let you handle the device without getting any contaminants on your hands, especially during the retraction phase.

You should also consider using a respirator to eliminate odors and prevent yourself from breathing in any unpleasant airborne particles.

Use the Right Method

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on the camera itself if you don’t use it correctly. To put it simply, you’ll need to remember to go slowly and steadily.

The cable and camera are tough, so you shouldn’t need to worry about causing them any damage. However, the image will be jumpy no matter what, so make sure you keep your eyes on the monitor at all times to avoid missing anything. When you pass any small obstructions, make a note of their location right away.

Using a drain cleaner isn’t too hard when you know how. As long as you have the right model and wear the correct gear, you can use the information above to do the job right.

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