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Helpful Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to renovating or redecorating your bathroom, tile flooring is by far the easiest to maintain and most aesthetically pleasing.  However, before you head to your nearest DIY or hardware store, there are some tips you should keep in mind when choosing tile flooring.

Choose The Tiles Carefully

Carefully take time to choose tiles with the right waterproofing, mattings, profiles, and adhesives for the application.

When looking for tiles for bathroom flooring and wall covering you need to ensure first that the surface you are going to tile over is water-resistant.  Surfaces that are ideal include dense concrete and cement/sand backgrounds.  If you need to tile onto plywood, timber, timber-based products, plasterboard, or plaster you need to bear in mind that these materials are very absorbent and therefore you need to use a tanking or waterproofing system.

Don’t Be Scared To Be Bold

If your bathroom is like most, it is probably one of the smallest in your home.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t, when ordering tiling, like that available from GoHaus, go for something a little special.  You could make the smallest room in the home the most individual.  Choose something bold and opulent or an off-the-wall edgy color and shape scheme or just something that will make you smile and turn bath time into a retreat from everyday life.

Got Wooden Flooring?  You Can Still Tile

There was a time when it was inadvisable and impractical to tile directly onto wooden bathroom floors.  However, adhesive technology has evolved over the last few decades meaning that tiles can be installed on most wooden floors as easily as on any other surface.

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Larger Tiles Are Popular But Be Careful

The latest trend at the moment is larger-sized tiles, which are perfect if you have a particularly big bathroom to tile.  You need to exercise some caution though, as larger tiles are much heavier than smaller-sized ones.  So always check that your walls will be able to carry the load before you buy any tiles.

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