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Keeping Your Family Valuables Safe at Home

Countless people keep valuable items in their homes, and they may do this for a variety of reasons. Certain things, such as important documents and jewelry, need to be accessible when their owners want to use them. A gorgeous bracelet or designer watch cannot be easily accessed if it is housed in a safe deposit box at the bank. If you have valuable luxury designer goods that you would like to keep readily accessible, you may wish to know the best options for keeping your valuables safely stored in your home.

Commercial False Containers

An entire industry is devoted to helping people house their valuables discreetly and effectively. You can hide your precious objects in a variety of places in your home, and people will never suspect they are there. In the same way that you might keep an extra house key inside a fake rock near your front door, you might house your fine jewelry inside an artificial air vent, food container, plant, or book. You can also find products with false bottoms intended to conceal valuable objects, such as a trashcan or cleaning product. Some companies even sell household cleaning wipes in containers that also have false bottoms.

Devise Your Own Fake Containers

If you don’t want to search for commercial containers designed to conceal luxury items, you can be creative and devise your own containers for storage. Some people keep gemstones in old pill bottles that are made of opaque plastic. If you take several kinds of dietary supplements on a daily basis, you might simply store small items in one of your old vitamin bottles once it’s empty. You might wrap certain pieces in foil and store them in your freezer behind the frozen vegetables and ice cube trays. Instead of buying a trashcan with a false bottom, you can keep extra liners in the bottom and store some things between the layers.

Another option is to create a storage area inside an old appliance. You’ll want to be sure that the appliance you use looks old, so a burglar won’t be tempted to steal it. You could keep large jewelry items in the zipper compartment that would normally hold a bag in your vacuum cleaner. You might keep small objects in an old hair dryer that no longer works.

One key detail to consider is that when you obscure valuable items in ordinary places in your home, you need to remember where you’ve put them. Keeping designer pieces inside an old pair of boots is only a good strategy if you remember the hiding place. If you forget about the jewelry and sell the boots at a yard sale, your creative concealment strategy will ultimately have been implemented in vain.

Safe Storage

You can always keep your precious objects in a safe at home, but you should buy one that is fireproof and waterproof. This is an excellent way to conceal items without worrying that they could be damaged in a fire or flood. If you opt to get a safe for your home, be sure to keep the safe concealed from view. You might hide a safe in a piano, behind towels in a linen closet, or in an old toy chest.

Keeping your valuable items at home is a good way to be certain they’ll be available when you need them. Plenty of commercial products are designed to aid consumers in concealing their luxury goods. You can also safely hide your jewelry in ordinary containers, as long as you remember where they are.

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