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Tips When Looking For That Dream Family Home

Buying your first home for your growing family is both exciting and stressful.  You want to find a house that is suitable now for your family and one that will be able to grow and evolve as your family does.  As a lot of money is involved in buying the cheapest homes, you want to make sure you make the right decisions and choices every step of the process.  Therefore if you are considering properties for sale in Aberdeenshire, please check out the following post as we discuss some of the things you should keep in mind when you begin visiting and viewing houses.

View It Initially As a Building, Not a House

It is important that you remain impartial and unbiased from the get-go and when you first view a property you just look at it as a building that needs to be inspected and scrutinized.  This will enable you to look at it more critically and could prevent you from signing a contract for a property because you got caught up in the excitement of it all.

Always View Before Buying

You’d be surprised how many people, despite it sounding like perfect common sense, who buy a property without actually viewing it.  It is wise to view a house you are interested in as many times as you possibly can, as the more times you familiarise yourself with it and the surroundings the more likely you are to spot its problems.

Inspect the Building Structure Carefully

When viewing a property you should look beyond just the layout and size of it and examine it from a structural point of view.  If you find any hairline cracks in the walls or ceilings you should ask the seller or agent about them and even look at hiring a professional tradesman to check them out.

Keep Your Eyes and Nose Open for Damp

Often sellers try to cover over dampness, but you will be able to smell dampness even if you can’t see it.  If there is no real reason why the property has a musky or moldy smell, think carefully before signing on the dotted line.

Small Faults Should Not Put You Off

Although you may want that perfect in every way kind of dream home for your family, it is important to remain realistic when viewing properties.  The majority of buildings and houses out there have little niggling issues here and there, so it’s important not to be put off by these.  It is worth getting a professional tradesman or building inspector in to look at the issues, and see how expensive it would be to fix them.

Always Check the Neighbourhood Out

When you are looking for the dream home for your growing family, as well as visiting the property multiple times, you should also visit the area it is located.  Try and visit it at various times of the day, and practice the school and work commutes from home to see how long daily journeys are likely to take.

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